Who Are the Diamondbacks August Trade Waiver Candidates?


Jun 18, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher

Brad Ziegler

(29) throws during the eighth inning against the Milwaukee Brewers at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Now that I have explained how trading in August works, it’s time to look at some potential Diamondbacks players that could be on the move this month. August might be shaping up to be a busy trade month for a lot of teams, and it doesn’t seem like General Manager Kevin Towers is done making deals.

The objective of a seller in August is to try to find some attractive pieces that contenders want, and part with their contracts. With that in mind there are several players that are candidates to get put on waivers and traded. These players were talked about a lot in July, and so naturally they will be looked at by contenders.

General Manager Kevin Towers expects the Diamondbacks to be active this month. He talked to azcentral sports about the waiver deadline: We’re going to be active,” Towers said. “I couldn’t tell you if anything is going to happen or not, but I would expect we’ll have several players claimed.”

Without further ado, here are some guys that could be in another uniform come September:

1. Brad Ziegler: Despite having a rough go of it in the Pirates series, I highly doubt that Ziegler’s trade stock has been affected at all. Overall, in 58 appearances which leads all Snakes relievers has a 3.16 era, and his career era is 2.48. He has so consistent and valuable for Arizona over his career, and he is so durable which is valuable to a manager. Even if the bullpen is gassed, any team can count on Brad being available. He also has done well in any situation the team has put him in, including the closers role last year. He also has a reasonable contract, and relief pitching is always valuable to contending teams this time of year.

2. Oliver Perez: When Perez was signed on March 9th, nobody expected him to be one of the pleasant surprises of a disappointing 2014 season, but that is exactly what the left hander has been. In 47 appearances so far this season, he has a 1.89 era striking out 49, and walking just 15. Perez has been consistent all year long, and his contract is pretty reasonable. He is singed through 2015 making 4.25 million per year. Left handed relief is even more valuable, so don’t be surprised if he gets claimed and moved.

However, there is also a great chance that both don’t get traded. Keep in mind, Towers likes to build his teams around the bullpen, and the bullpen might be the strongest part of this team. Despite struggling for most of the season, Addison Reed has pitched better as of late. They also have a nice young core developing that includes Evan Marshall and Matt Stites who are up in the big leagues this year and have pitched well, and Jake Barrett who could be up next season.

This is what Towers, talking to azcentral sports, said about possibly dealing Ziegler and or Perez:

“We got lots of hits on those guys, but there wasn’t a deal that presented itself that we felt was worthy of a Ziggy or an Ollie Perez,” Towers said. “That’s not to say we won’t get hits after this, but we wanted to keep those guys intact.”

Even Ziegler himself would like to stay in Arizona, especially after signing a new deal before the season started:

“I want to help this team win and go back to the playoffs,” he said. “I’m not saying that it’s never possible, but it would have and still would be pretty disappointing to be dealt in the first year of that deal.”

3. Addison Reed: Speaking about Reed, his name came up during July, and it is bound to come up this month. Most teams put every player on waivers to gage the value of their roster knowing that they can recall any claim any team makes based on the rules. I don’t think he will get claimed because the only inning he wants to pitch is the 9th, and most of the contenders are not looking for closers at this point. Plus after struggling in the first half, he has found a groove as of late, and I think the Snakes want to use the rest of the season to evaluate Reed for next season.

4. Aaron Hill: The guy that is most likely to get claimed and moved by the August 31st deadline is second basemen Aaron Hill. The Diamondbacks would love to shred some payroll, and Hill has a big contract. He also should have a lot of value to contenders practically the Blue Jays and Giants who did nothing at the deadline and are looking for a second basemen. Hill is owed 24 million over the next two seasons. Hill would have to clear waivers, and I’m assuming that if a team wants him they won’t want to be saddled with the whole contract, so salary negotiations will take place. Even if his new team could take on one year of salary, that would save the Dbacks 12 million. Plus, Didi Gregorius has been swinging a hot bat and could move to 2B so the Dbacks could evaluate him.

Moving Reed. Ziegler, and Perez could save the Dbacks as much as 12.5 million next year. That is a rough estimate, and you have to factor in the 5 million that he would get in his first year of arbitration this offseason. Moving Hill is a different story. It all depends on how much salary the other team wants to eat up.

Whatever the Dbacks decide to do, don’t be surprised if at least one of the four players that I mentioned above are in a different uniform come September 1st.

Who do you think the Dbacks will move during August? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.