Diamondbacks Sign Tomas: Twitter Reacts


The baseball world reacted after the Diamondbacks signed Cuban OF Yasmany Tomas. Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Yesterday the Diamondbacks shocked the baseball world when the teams new front office agreed to a six year $68 million dollar contract with coveted Cuban free agent OF Yasmany Tomas.

Where Tomas would end up was one of the biggest stories of the offseason, and the Dbacks came late to the party. As you can imagine, people reacted in a big way on Twitter.

Here are some of the biggest and best reactions to the Dbacks signing of Tomas:

Sullivan makes a good point. If he can’t learn to hit breaking balls and other offspeed pitches, then that is what he is going to see until he can make the adjustment.

As Balder points out, Tomas has a cannon arm for RF. He will most likely end up as a corner outfielder even though the Dbacks have said in the past that they also like him at 3B.

Yes Dbacks Nation, you can get pumped about this signing. The Dbacks made a huge splash, and it shows that they want to win now.

Cartwright makes a good point. Hopefully he doesn’t become another Mark Reynolds. The Diamondbacks need players that can get on base first and foremost. Just hitting home runs isn’t good enough.

This loyal Dbacks fans makes a good point. The outfield and middle infield situation just got more complicated. With the depth the team has, trades for starting pitching are inevitable.

There is no question that the Dbacks have made a major splash. The impact that will have is yet to be determined, but Dbacks nation has to be excited about this signing.

Here is a look at the power that Tomas will put on display in Arizona:

And his amazing throwing arm via CoverThoseBases on Instagram: