Diamondbacks Will Try Yasmany Tomas At Third


There’s no getting around the fact that the Diamondbacks have a crowded outfield. A.J. Pollack is a lock to start in center-field, and from there it’s a mystery as to who will play where.

The recent acusition of Cuban Yasmany Tomas doesn’t make this any easier. However, for Manager Chip Hale, General Manager Dave Stewart, and Chief Baseball Officer Tony LaRussa, it’s a good problem to have.

Here is what it comes down to: with Pollack in center, that means possibly five guys are going to compete for two spots. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that won’t work.

That means either an outfielder needs to be dealt, a platoon system needs to created, or someone needs to play a different position.

One possibility was brought up yesterday, and I don’t know if it’s the best idea. Hale told reporters that they would give Tomas a look at third base in spring training according to a report by Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic.

This is certainly interesting, and his agent tweeted that he was being worked out at 3B by major league teams before he signed. However most scouts see him as a corner outfielder, and see him fitting best in LF.

This is what Ben Balder of Baseball America said about the possibility of Tomas playing third next season:

This might not be the worst idea. Offense is so hard to come buy in today’s game, and trying to squeeze as much offense in your lineup while sacrificing defense is something that many teams consider. This is why having the DH in the N.L. would make a lot of sense.

However, from all the scouting reports that I have seen, Tomas has a hard enough time playing the outfield. A move to the hot corner won’t be any easier.

If Tomas can show the Diamondbacks in the spring that he can play the position providing positional flexibility. I just don’t see him playing third.

That means something has to be done with the outfield. Expect the Dbacks to trade an outfielder at the Winter Meetings.