Could the Arizona Diamondbacks Trade for Jose Fernandez?


The Arizona Diamondbacks will be looking for starting pitching all winter long with the ultimate goal of finding a top of the rotation ace. The D-backs tried to trade for Shelby Miller but the Braves wanted A.J. Pollock. Could the Snakes work a deal out with the Marlins and trade for Jose Fernandez?

Originally reported by Andy Slater, an on-air personality for 940-AM WINZ, the Miami Marlins are unhappy with ace Jose Fernandez’s attitude, and many in the media including Bob Nightengale of USA Today are speculating that the Miami could trade him because of this.

That got me thinking: why would the Marlins ever think about trading the one player that they can build a contender around in the next few years?

Then I thought about the Marlins as an organization and specifically, all the stupid decisions Owner Jeffery Loria has made, and it suddenly didn’t surprise me. Then I actually read the report, and I realized that the Marlins are in worse shape than I originally thought.

This report paints a different picture of the fan friendly guy that Fernandez is often painted as.

"“As I reported last week and on Tuesday, the Marlins front office is not happy with Fernandez’s attitude. “Jose talks to management like they are children,” another player source told me. I’ve now learned, it goes beyond that.On at least two occasions in the Marlins clubhouse this season, Fernandez approached Hill — according to multiple player sources — and openly said “when are you going to trade me?”“There were times this season where, not all, but some players and coaches hoped Jose would go out on the mound and get shelled,” a player source told me. “We thought it would get him to be more humble.”The stories I’ve been told by several player sources within the last few weeks certainly paint a different picture of the team and their fan-friendly, star pitcher.Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria implemented a team rule stating players and coaches are not permitted to wear pullover hoodies during batting practice or in the dugout during a game unless the team is playing in cold weather conditions. “That’s a rule that Fernandez doesn’t care about,” one player source told me.”"

As Slater has pointed out, Nightengale is just speculating that the Marlins want to trade him and nowhere in his report did Slater say that the Marlins are actively trying to trade him because of attitude.

Marlins President David Samson told the Miami Herald that his team doesn’t comment on trade rumors. If the Marlins are trying to trade Fernandez, they are being silent about it at the moment. Ken Rosenthal has chimed in with his opinion saying the Marlins would be crazy to trade their ace.

However, it is worth entertaining the possibility that the Marlins are indeed willing to trade him.

Should the D-backs go after Fernandez if he is put on the market?

My Thoughts:

At first glance it seems like a stupid question to ask. Why wouldn’t the Diamondbacks want to get a deal done for an ace that they have been looking for since Randy Johnson left Phoenix and given his age, he would hopefully be around for a while.

The D-backs certainly have the resources to get a deal done. They have a few arms in their Minor-League system including Aaron Blair, and Braden Shipley if the Marlins wanted young pitching back in return.

The Snakes also have built up tremendous depth in the infield at both the Major and Minor League level and for a pitcher of Fernandez’s talent it’s going to take giving up something valuable for something potentially more valuable in return

The Marlins are seeking to retool their farm system and I am sure that if the front office in Miami is fed up with his attitude problems, they would gladly take a couple of the D-backs’ high-end prospects.

The question then becomes even with Fernandez’s talent should the D-backs pursue him given what we know now? Just from what I observed covering the team in 2015, Chip Hale‘s first year as manager, the clubhouse chemistry seemed to be really good and Arizona seemed to be a very disciplined team. In 2014 under Kirk Gibson they weren’t and that is partly what contributed to that team compiling  the worst record in the National League that season.

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Adding a guy like Jose Fernandez, while talented and perceived as a fan favorite would be a disaster if what is being reported is true. Tony La Russa would simply never accept having a pitcher in his organization that treats the front office like children, demanding trades and not following basic team protocol.

I don’t care how talented he is, the D-backs need to stay away from Fernandez if what is being reported about him is true.