Ken Kendrick not impressed with Donald Trump

Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick is one of the largest Republican fundraisers in the country– and he is not impressed with his party’s presidential frontrunner.

According to a Bloomberg report, Kendrick is one of many conservative donors leading a fundraising campaign to stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican Party’s nomination this summer. His wife confirmed this yesterday.

“He said, ‘Randy, if we stand up for what we know to be moral and correct—if 100,000 people decide they will not go to a Diamondbacks game, we’ve stood up for the right thing,’” Randy Kendrick, his wife, said to Bloomberg on Wednesday. “I hope he keeps feeling that way!”

Kendrick had previously backed Marco Rubio, and is now backing Ted Cruz for the nomination.

Given the amount of buzz around the Diamondbacks this season, Kendrick may not have to worry about fans not showing up to games. The team drew a record 13,514 fans to Salt River Fields last Saturday for its game against the Royals– a spring record for the Diamondbacks.

Kendrick made his fortune as the founder of the Data Technology Corporation, a software company that merged with Datatel Inc. that focuses on higher education. He has been the Diamondbacks’ majority owner since 2004. No information is available on his net worth, but he does own the 1909 Honus Wagner T206 baseball card. Yes, that Honus Wagner baseball card.

No matter how much money he gives to anti-Trump efforts, it will be hard to surpass the $206.5 million the team spent to acquire Zack Greinke this season.