How the Diamondbacks historically fare against the Yankees


We all know about the 2001 World Series. Arguably the best ever. The four-year-old expansion Diamondbacks took out the winningest franchise the game has ever known in seven games. Game 7 was the only loss Mariano Rivera ever suffered in the postseason, where he had recorded a 0.70 ERA in 141 lifetime playoff innings. Who could forget that magical series?

2001 nostalgia will be in the air in Arizona tonight as the Yankees make a rare trip to town. Luis Gonzalez’s game-winning hit will probably be shown on a loop.

But outside of that series, the Yankees and Diamondbacks don’t really have much history. At all. They’ve only played each other in five regular season series, and the Yankees have won all five. New York took two of three in their World Series rematch at Old Yankee Stadium in 2002 and again at home in 2004. The Diamondbacks were swept by the Yankees in their last trip to the old Stadium in 2007, and lost two of three at home in 2010 and again at New Yankee Stadium in 2013.

So the Diamondbacks have a 4-11 regular season record against the Yankees, but they won the series that mattered. Which is probably fine by most Diamondbacks fans. But if they ever wanted to win a regular-season series against the Bronx Bombers, now would be a perfect time. They are 16-20 on the season, putting them in last place in the AL East. Mark Texiera is hitting below the mendoza line and Alex Rodriguez has been on the disabled list for two weeks now. The Yankees could very well be on their way to their first losing season since 1992.