Former Diamondbacks SP Robbie Ray wins AL CY Young!

Robbie Ray thinking about the future CY Young he will win (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Robbie Ray thinking about the future CY Young he will win (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Former Diamondbacks Robbie Ray wins AL CY Young Award one year from leaving the team!

Who remembers the lefty-strikeout specialist that pitched for the Diamondbacks? No, I’m not talking about Randy Johnson, someone much more recent. Robbie Ray? Yes! Now, guess who just won his first CY Young award only 1 season removed from the team? Robbie Ray. Diamondbacks’ fans should be used to this by now. We are used to players leaving the team and finding greatness and heights not previously seen. No one ever doubted that Robbie had the potential to achieve greatness. I think we did doubt he would do it in a Dbacks uniform.

Robbie had plenty of highlights with the Diamondbacks from throwing a shutout against the Pirates to the All-Star Team in 2017, to pitching in the NLDS in 2017 as well. He also suffered a lot like in 2020 where he had an ERA over 6.5 when the team dealt him. It was a sobering ending to his stay with the team. He was dealt to the Blue Jays, the team he would win the CY Young with. What did we get in return? A relief pitcher named Travis Bergen who is back with the Blue Jays already.

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In Robbie Ray’s single full season with the Blue Jays, he made it to the ALL-Star game, won the CY Young, led the American League in ERA (2.84), games started (32), Innings Pitched (193.1), WHIP (1.045), ERA+ (154), and led the MLB in Strikeouts (248). What an impressive season by the talented 29-year old lefthander.

From 2020, he lowered his WHIP from 1.897 to 1.045 and lowered his walks/9 innings from 7.8 to 2.4. Impressive indeed. Now, after signing a 1 year/8 Million dollar deal, he’s a free agent once again. Only this time, he’s expected to command a multi-year contract in excess of 100 million dollars. What a time to have a career year, and I couldn’t be more proud of one of the best former Diamondbacks players.

Robbie Ray is the second former Diamondbacks pitcher to win the CY Young in the past decade, joining the three-time winner, Max Scherzer. How crazy is it that both Robbie Ray and Max played with the Diamondbacks and the Tigers. Of course, we sent Max to the Tigers whereas we acquired Robbie from them.

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Over Robbie Ray’s 5+ years pitching here, most of which he did with his best friend Zack Greinke,  Robbie always gave it his all. I’ll never forget those grunts, and of course those tight pants. Nonetheless, over his time here, he achieved a 47-46 record, with a 4.11 ERA, pitched in 147 games, 793 innings, 700 hits, 376 BBs, and 998 K’s. Additionally, he had a 107 ERA+, 4.04 FIP, and an 11.3 K/9. He gave the team 9.3 WAR. I just wish the team had given him the right amount of coaching. If onlys will run through my brain for a while.

Regardless, I’m ecstatic for Robbie Ray. I’m thankful he played for the Diamondbacks and so glad he’s achieving success. Let’s hope the team’s new pitching coach can help our players as much as the Blue Jays helped Robbie.

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