2023 Diamondbacks who can make the All-Star team

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

Opening Day is less than a week away and rosters are about to be locked in for the long 162-game grind. Coming in, the Diamondbacks are in limbo and projected to finish in fourth place in the NL West, ahead of just the Colorado Rockies. 

Despite underwhelming team expectations, there is talent on the roster. Young players as well as several guys in the midst of their primes round out the top guys and three of those guys have the potential to make the 2023 All-Star game in 2023. 

To get ready for the opening series in 2023, here are the top three candidates to make the trip to the Pacific Northwest: 

Corbin Carroll

Carroll made his first impression in the big leagues in 2022, playing in 32 games and totaling 115 plate appearances. When looking at his peripherals, the thing that jumps off the page is his 100% percentile sprint speed, making him the fastest player in the league. 

Calling him a potential All-Star is wishful thinking, but in his limited 2022 action, he had a 133 OPS+ and occurred 1.1 WAR. Overall, he is a well-rounded player with good outfield defense, an obvious speed tool, a player who had 15 extra-base hits in 2022, and will be the focal point of the Diamondbacks roster for the next decade. 

Zac Gallen 

Last season, Gallen finished in fifth place of Cy Young Voting in the National League but still was not an All-Star. He finished the year with a 2.54 ERA and league-leading .913 WHIP. He also had an impressive strikeout to walk ratio, 192 to 47. 

Coming into the 2023 season, he is seen as one of the top pitchers in the NL with the potential to not only make the All-Star game, but win the Cy Young Award as well. 

Ketel Marte 

Marte made his one and only All-Star appearance in the 2019 season, a season in which he finished fourth in MVP voting and had a .981 OPS and 32 HR. Despite being in trade rumors in each year since he remains on the team ahead of Opening Day. 

Despite down years in 2020 and 2022, in 90 games in 2021, he finished with a .909 OPS and 60 strikeouts to 31 walks. 

With his previous two odd years being at All-Star level, there is optimism that Marte will be able to replicate his previous successful years. As well as that, despite his struggles in 2022, he finished with a 96th percentile max exit velocity and 72nd average exit velocity