5 Diamondbacks players most likely to be dealt at the trade deadline

David Peralta celebrating
David Peralta celebrating / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

These 5 Arizona Diamondbacks players are most likely to be traded at the MLB Trade Deadline

The Arizona Diamondbacks will likely be sellers for the 3rd year in a row at the upcoming MLB Trade Deadline on August 2nd. They might buy too by selling outfield prospects or another prospect for a near MLB-Ready prospect that fills a need somewhere. The most likely path though will be selling the following 5 players at the MLB Trade Deadline. This is mostly due to them just not having room on the roster for the veteran guys or the guys underperforming.

1. David Peralta

As much as it pains me to see Peralta be traded, as does it for him too, this is most likely to happen. He's a free agent at the end of the season and he's having a great year. Combine that with the fact he's 34 and likely to not be re-signed, then it makes sense for the Diamondbacks to get a prospect for him while helping him experience the playoffs. He'll only cost about 4.5 million to the end of the season too.

He may be only hitting .236, but he's slugging .444 with a 110 OPS+. He has hit 16 doubles and 12 HR with 38 RBI. He's providing good defense and veteran leadership. I'd imagine he could fetch a high-ceiling low-level prospect or two. Potential teams that might be interested: Brewers, Yankees, Cardinals, Braves, and Mariners.

2. Zach Davies

Zach Davies was signed to be a trade option at the deadline. Yes, he's recovering from a shoulder strain, but he should return soon. He has provided steady back-end rotation pitching by going 2-4 with a 3.94-4.24 ERA/FIP. He's thrown 80 innings, walking 26 and striking out 62.

He's on a cheap contract and every contender could use another starting pitcher. He's a fit for every MLB contender as he could go right into their #5 starting role. One team to keep an eye on is the Milwaukee Brewers. I'd imagine he would only cost another team a low-level prospect or two.

3. Ian Kennedy

The late-inning reliever is currently on his way back from a blood clot in his calf. He should be back in plenty of time before the trade deadline. Thanks to that, he has plenty of to show teams that his 37-year-old arm still works well. After all, he has 4 saves in 27.2 innings as a set-up man for the Diamondbacks.

He also has struck out 25 batters while walking 10. His 3.58 ERA and 114 ERA+ prove he can still get hitters out. On a cheap 1-year contract, teams could trade a couple of low-level prospects to get another back-end bullpen option for their playoff contending team. As such, literally, every team could improve by acquiring Kennedy.

4. Christian Walker

Walker is a cheap source of offense as he only reached his arbitration years. He is 31 though and the Diamondbacks could be trying to sell high on him despite his .204 batting average. He's been the king of bad luck as stat predictors say he should be hitting over .270 with the kind of contact he is making.

The contact he is making is loud too with 12 doubles and 22 monster HRs. He leads the team in HRs and RBI. Even better is the fact that he has improved vastly with his eye at the plate. He's only struck out 71 times while walking 50 times. His OPS+ is 120. He's a terrific hitter. His defense is Gold-Glove caliber. He's been worth 3.0 WAR, most on the Dbacks.

The team doesn't have to trade him as he's under team control for multiple more years. However, trading him would be selling at his highest price and could add some impactful low-level prospects. Some teams to keep an eye on are the Brewers, Rays, Twins, and Astros.

5. A mixture of high-level OF prospects

The Diamondbacks just don't have room for all the talented OF prospects they have. Ignoring the obvious keepers, the Diamondbacks could sell any of the following: Cooper Hummel, Jake McCarthy, Pavin Smith (though complicated by his wrist fracture), Dominic Fletcher, Dominic Canzone, Stone Garrett, or Cole Tucker.

Hummel has proven that he can handle MLB pitching but is limited to DH or LF. Pavin was a big trade candidate but is now injured so that's in flux in terms of likelihood to be dealt. Jake McCarthy would provide a large return potentially but is another MLB-caliber outfielder. Fletcher and Canzone are having excellent seasons but there's no clear space for them in the MLB OF anytime soon. Garrett would be a case of selling-high after many years in the minors while Cole Tucker is a former top prospect. Selling any of these guys would be to get an MLB player or high-level MLB prospect in return in which this could be buying too.

Stats courtesy of Baseball Reference.