A look back at the Arizona Diamondbacks' 2001 Game Seven World Series line-up

The last World Series game the Diamondbacks played prior to 2023 was Game Seven of the 2001 World Series, so let's look at their most recent World Series winning line-up.

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Left Fielder Luis Gonzalez

Now we get to the big hero of the 2001 Diamondbacks' World Series run. Luis Gonzalez solidified himself as the best player in Diamondbacks history, then and now, in the 2001 season. Not only did he have a career year in 2001, but he delivered the final hit of the '01 Postseason.

In ‘01, Gonzalez hit .325/.429/.688 with a .454 wOBA, and 173 wRC+. He also demolished 57 home runs with a .363 isolated slugging percentage. Gonzalez also walked far more often than he struck out, with a 13.7% walk rate and 11.4% strikeout rate. Pretty much everything Gonzalez did in 2001 was a career-best for him. The only stats mentioned in this paragraph that he didn't set career bests in were strikeout rate, walk rate, and batting average. Even then, they were still among the best in his career.

Gonzalez, despite never winning a Gold Glove, was a very underrated defensive outfielder for a good portion of the first half of his career. While he steadily declined once he got older, he had multiple seasons with double-digit positive total zone runs. In 2001, he had +5 TZR, which, while not his best remark ever, was still above average.

Gonzalez was solid in the Postseason, delivering nine hits and hitting one home run in each of the Division and Championship Series. Ironically, he was arguably worse in the World Series than either the DS or CS. But that doesn't matter because of the seven hits; the seventh was a Game Seven walk-off. Gonzalez hit a bloop single over a drawn-in infield off the seemingly untouchable Mariano Rivera. It was one of the rare times Rivera was hittable in the Postseason, but Gonzalez was the hero of the day and helped deliver the Diamondbacks their first World Series trophy.