A look back at the Arizona Diamondbacks' 2001 Game Seven World Series line-up

The last World Series game the Diamondbacks played prior to 2023 was Game Seven of the 2001 World Series, so let's look at their most recent World Series winning line-up.
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Danny Bautista
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Right Fielder Danny Bautista

Danny Bautista mostly served as a fourth outfielder for the Diamondbacks. Reggie Sanders was the primary right fielder for the D-Backs for most of the year and hit 33 home runs with a .887 OPS. He also played in the first six games, but the Diamondbacks had opted to turn to Bautista in Game 7.

Bautista certainly wasn't a bad hitter. He hit .304/.346/.437 with a 99 wRC+ in the regular season. He barely walked with a 5.9% BB% but had a 13.9% strikeout rate. He also didn't hit for much power, only having a .135 ISO. But overall, he hit over .300 with an above-average OBP.

Bautista mostly filled in at both center field and right field. He was a pretty good defensive outfielder, too, with +5 total zone runs between RF and CF. Bautista simply did not get very many starts. Bautista had just 239 plate appearances in 100 games. He appeared in the field for 64 of those games and started even fewer 42 of the contests.

While he mainly served a similar purpose as a 4th OF/pinch hitter in the Postseason, it's not as if the Diamondbacks didn't have reason to start Bautista over Sanders in Game Seven. Bautista ended the 2001 World Series with seven hits in 13 plate appearances. Starting Bautista in Game Seven ended up being a brilliant move, as he racked up one hit and drove in one of the three runs for the D-Backs.