A look back at the Arizona Diamondbacks' 2001 Game Seven World Series line-up

The last World Series game the Diamondbacks played prior to 2023 was Game Seven of the 2001 World Series, so let's look at their most recent World Series winning line-up.
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Catcher Damian Miller

Damian Miller was the eight-hole hitter in the line-up for the final game of the 2001 World Series. Miller's defense behind the plate was good for the Diamondbacks. But he was also able to hold his own with the stick and was sort of an underrated member of the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks.

Miller batted .271/.337/.424 with a .324 wOBA, and 90 wRC+. He hit for some pop, blasting 13 home runs and having a .153 ISO. The only thing was his 18.8% strikeout rate, nor his 8.2% walk rate was anything too great to write home about. Nevertheless, overall, for a catcher, he was far from a non-threat with the bat in his hands.

Miller caught 36% of would-be base stealers and had +3 total zone runs. But he struggled with blocking pitches. He had led the league in 1999 in passed balls with 11 and had ten more in 2001. But, aside from some passed balls, Miller more than held his own with the glove behind the plate.

Miller struck out 11 times in the World Series and had just four hits. Of the few positives he brought with the bat, half of the hits he got were doubles. But given that he struggled with hitting in the National League Championship Series, he wasn't much of a contributor, hitting-wise, during the Diamondbacks' World Series run.