Arizona Diamondbacks "force" Chris Russo to retire, but he's already backtracking

The Diamondbacks "forced" radio and MLB Network personality Chris "Mad Dog" Russo into retirement, but it looks like he's already backtracking on his statements.
Oct 24, 2023; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers Miguel Castro, center, and Luis
Oct 24, 2023; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers Miguel Castro, center, and Luis / Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY

If you’ve watched any MLB Network, then you’ve probably seen Chris “Mad Dog” Russo go on rants and tangents before. Although he is a controversial figure, you have to admit he is an entertaining figure. Whether or not you think it’s for the right or wrong reasons is up to you to decide. However, before game seven of the NLCS, Russo made a bold claim, saying that if the Arizona Diamondbacks
won the final game, he would retire on the spot.

Of course, this got a ton of reactions. Twitter/X went wild with it, but manager Torey Louvullo caught wind of Mad Dog’s comments and had this to say about his claim:

The Diamondbacks then came out and took Game 7 with relative ease. The Snakes trailed in just a half inning during the final game of the Championship Series. Catcher Gabriel Moreno drove in what would be the winning RBI on a single to right field. Corbin Carroll then padded the D-Backs lead, scoring an insurance RBI on a sac fly to right. The Diamondbacks would win the game 4-2.

After the Diamondbacks’ victory, they also celebrated Russo’s retirement, chanting his nickname, Mad Dog, during their clubhouse celebration. Russo also tweeted a “Happy Retirement!” gif after the Diamondbacks’ took the W.  Russo also retweeted a few tweets mocking his statement that he would retire if the Diamondbacks won.

But things aren’t always that simple. Russo looks like he is already back-pedaling out of his statement despite seemingly being very confident in the Phillies' ability to take the NLCS from the Diamondbacks. Russo apparently negotiated with Howard Stern and will instead wear an Arizona Diamondbacks bikini (because that’s what everyone wants to see).

Russo was also on ESPN’s show First Take, further backtracking on his statement:

We all knew that someone as big as Mad Dog Russo wouldn’t retire that easily, but it was fun to let everyone’s imaginations run wild and ponder the question, “But what if he actually retired?” We will see what happens next with Russo and the Diamondbacks, but regardless, this was a funny story to follow from beginning to end. I, for one, am just happy the Diamondbacks made him eat crow.