Arizona Diamondbacks ownership unhappy with lack of agreement for Chase Field renovations

Diamondbacks ownership expresses their unhappiness with a lack of a new rennovation deal for Chase Field.
Divisional Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Three
Divisional Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Three / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Arizona Diamondbacks ownership has publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of a new deal to renovate the Diamondbacks’ home stadium Chase Field. Chase Field has been home to the Diamondbacks since their inaugural season in 1998. However, with their lease expiring as soon as 2027, ownership understandably wants to get an agreement done to keep the Diamondbacks in Phoenix.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, D-Backs leadership is seeking a public funding agreement to upgrade the park. Alex Weiner of Arizona Sports reports that Kendrick stated the most ideal outcome would be “Chase Field reimagined” instead of a brand new ballpark. Chase Field is a climate controlled stadium, and it would be the path of most resistance. Ownership seems extremely willing to re-invest into Chase Field, as Kendrick stated “We’ve let them know that we are prepared, we meaning my partners and I, to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of our money into that stadium.”

The Diamondbacks’ CEO, Derrick Hall said that they have talked with other “Local interested parties,” but are trying to keep the D-Backs in Downtown Phoenix. But while Kendrick also stated they haven’t talked with other cities about a potential move, had this to say on the matter (reported by Weiner):

“They would be happy with a brand new franchise, but they would certainly be very happy with a successful existing franchise. It’s not where we are spending time or energy. We may run out of time in Phoenix, we hope that won’t happen. We’re continuing to have meetings, we’ve ramped up the dialogue every way we know how.”

Ownership wants to renovate Chase Field over the next three to four off-seasons. Kendrick estimated that the renovations will cost somewhere around $400-$500 million, but he does not want to put the payment on the fans through taxes. Ownership seems willing to bear the brunt of the cost it will take to get Chase Field in tip top shape.

D-Backs ownership seeking new rennovation deal.

Chase Field could definitely use the renovations. Both USA Today and Sports Illustrated placed the D-Backs’ field in the bottom five at 27th and 25th, respectively in their 2023 MLB ballpark rankings. The Athletic ran a fan survey in 2020 and ranked stadiums based on the location, overall quality, atmosphere, amenities, sight lines, and aesthetic, with Chase ranking 26th. Chase Field has added some renovations since the Athletic published their results, with a new sound system and LED lighting, but still needing improvements to the roof cables.

The Diamondbacks’ lease isn’t up until 2027, so they have time to figure it out. I believe they will get an agreement in place as it seems ownership is very adamant about staying in Arizona. They don’t want to leave, and who does? Only time will tell what will happen, but I am hoping they keep their roots in Arizona, and in the end, I believe that they will get what they need in order to at least stay within the state.