Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training and Opening Day games announced!

Salt River Fields home of the Diamondbacks Spring Training
Salt River Fields home of the Diamondbacks Spring Training / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The dates for the Arizona Diamondback Spring Training games have been announced!

I'm sure that you have been wondering when Spring Training might be starting now that there's a new CBA in place. Well, that date will be March 17th. That's the first game for the Diamondbacks in Spring Training as well. Unfortunately, they will not be playing in Las Vegas this year because of the schedule/CBA issues. However, the team is hoping that they can play there next year. We shall see. The Dbacks will play a bunch of games this year in March and April. Hopefully, you can make it to a game! I know I will be. You can currently go watch practice already for free. It starts every day at 10 AM.

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When is Opening Day for the Dbacks?

The Arizona Diamondbacks kick off their season on April 7th at home against the San Diego Padres! This will be the third year in the row that the Dbacks have faced the Padres for Opening Day. However, this is will be the first of those times that the Dbacks open at home versus the Padres. While the Dbacks were originally slated to start on the road against the Brewers and Dodgers, that isn't the case anymore. Instead, those games will be made up as Double-Headers (9-inning ones too), and three more games will be added onto the end of the current schedule.

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I'm assuming that the Brewers series will be the three games added onto the end of the season but I could be wrong. The Dbacks will be facing the AL Central this year as the interleague division of choice. Yes, this season will still have 162 games thankfully. One fun aspect of this season is that arbitration hearings will be occurring in the season. This will be interesting to see how it affects players.

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There's a big change coming to the schedule in 2023 however as the Dbacks will play all 29 other teams in one season for the first time over. That means even more interleague play! How very exciting!