Baseball is Saved! The Diamondbacks' season is back on track after CBA Agreement

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More CBA Differences from last year!

To prevent service-time manipulations like when the Cubs kept Kris Bryant down for two weeks to keep him for the 7th year, there are new incentives in place. Players that finish 1st or 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting automatically get a full year of service time. Teams who bring up rookies that finish in the top-5 of CY Young or MVP voting get a draft pick reward. So, let's hope the Dbacks have some guys like maybe Alek Thomas or one of our rookie pitchers excel beyond belief this year! Hopefully Jordan Lawler in a few years.

Another change is there will be a bonus pool for pre-arbitration players. It will be given out based on WAR and awards won by those players. Here they are.

Unlike in years past when there were only 10 teams in the playoffs, this year and from now on there will be 12. Two extra playoff slots mean a better chance for the Dbacks to make the playoffs. Those famous tie-breaking game 163s are no longer due to the enlarged playoff field. Why? Well, that's because the One-Game Wild Card playoff is gone too. Replacing it is a 3-game series.

Who will play who? Well, like the NFL, the top 2 seeds in each league will get a bye. The #3 seed will play the #6 seed in a 3-game wild card series. Likewise for the #4 and 5 seeds. Then, the #1 seed will play the winner of the #4/5 series and the #2 seed will face the winner of the other series. It's an exciting format and will give us more playoff baseball which is amazing.

One last major change coming to the MLB will happen in 2023. That's when a new schedule will occur. Starting in 2023, the Diamondbacks will play every other team in the MLB. No longer will they face the Dodgers, Rockies, Giants, and Padres for half the season. Now, we will see them face the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, and every other AL team every year! This will make the season more exciting and actually test the team's abilities. I like the change a lot and it's honestly about time.

Next. Diamondbacks acquire a new outfielder to add some RH Pop. dark

If I missed anything, I'm sure that I will write another article on it! Hope you enjoyed learning all about the new changes on the way for the MLB. Congrats on yet another MLB season! Only 28 more days until Opening Day! Woo-Hoo!