What are the best contracts ever given by the Diamondbacks?

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson
Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson / MIKE FIALA/GettyImages
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Thanks to the MLB Lockout, Venom Strikes has lots of times on our hands to do some lookbacks at the Diamondbacks past, future, players, and our prospects. With that said, this is all about what are the BEST Contracts ever given out by the Diamondbacks. Surprisingly, there are a good amount of solid signings, although I'm sure you have some thoughts. If you disagree with any of these, let me know in the comments! Fun fact, the team has handed out 837 million dollars in free agency. That's across 107 signings and is 18th in the MLB since 1998. This article will include extensions as well, since they are contracts. The best contract to be given out by the Diamondbacks is definitely Randy Johnson!

Randy Johnson, 4 years, 52.4 Million dollars with option for 5th year

This contract is arguably the greatest contract ever signed in pro baseball history. It was a massive steal, despite this making Randy the highest-paid player pitcher and second-highest paid player in the MLB at the time. The option for the 5th year was 15 million dollars thanks to his winning CY Young.

Plus, there were incentives in this contract if he won a CY Young award, 250,000 for each win. Of course, over those 4 years, he won FOUR CY Young awards. Safe to say that the Diamondbacks were ecstatic that they signed him to this deal. Over those 4 wonderful years, he went 81-27 with a 2.48 ERA, 11 shutouts, 1,030 innings, 12.4 K/9, and 38.1 WAR! He struck out 1,417 batters and only walked 288. His ERA+ was a phenomenal 187+ and 2.53 FIP. He led the league in strikeouts every year, led the league in ERA 3 times, received MVP votes each year, and pitched at least 248 innings every season.

Nowadays, it's rare to see a pitcher throw 200 innings, yet do it every year. Plus, he led the team to their only World Series and put on a display of dominance that has hardly ever been seen in baseball history. In my opinion, this is easily the best contract in MLB history.