What are the best contracts ever given by the Diamondbacks?

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson
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Ketel Marte Arizona Diamondbacks Best Contracts
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Ketel Marte, 5 years, 24 Million dollars with team options for 23/24'

Yet another great contract signed by the Diamondbacks to a pre-arbitration player has worked out wonderfully. GM Mike Hazen signed Ketel to this steal of a deal prior to the 2018 season. Currently, he's under contract for three more years as the options will assuredly be picked up. The two options are worth a combined 22 million dollars. Suffice to say, a top-5 MVP finish, All-Star nod, and what would've been another All-Star year if not for injuries has made this deal a good one.

Ketel was mistakenly put in centerfield but should be moving back to second base this season which will only increase his value. It'll allow his bat and body to stay in the lineup and remain healthy. Additionally, when he plays at 2nd base, he's one of the best defenders at that position. We have tons of outfielders, but not enough quality infielders.

Over the course of the contract so far, 432 games, he has 105 doubles, 482 hits, 23 triples, 62 HRs, 218 RBIs, 19 stolen bases, 145 walks, and 246 K's. Marte's play has been worth 14.0 WAR and that's mainly thanks to his hitting .299, .360, .509, .869, 127 OPS+, .208 isolated power, and an 8.1%/13.1% walk/strikeout rate. All of those numbers are solidly above-average. The 28-year old will provide plenty more to the team in the coming seasons!