What are the Arizona Diamondbacks’ options at backup catcher?

Will the Diamondbacks stay with the player they know or look elsewhere?
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So, who’s the best fit?

When comparing the four via Stathead, the best choice looks to be Tucker Barnhart.

Tucker Barnhart
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He is the most experienced of this group and has shown himself to be more durable than Curt Casali. (He’s also two years younger.) Casali has more power, but Barnhart earns the higher OBP, which is an excellent quality in a backup catcher. Plus, the defensive credentials are legit, and the D-backs would only need to pay the league minimum.

Andrew Knizer represents an opportunity that perhaps the D-backs should explore, but given the demands of a backup catcher, a more-veteran player seems the better move.

As the Diamondbacks prepare to make a run to return to the World Series in 2024, they’ll need to shore up their lineup. Signing Tucker Barnhart might be a good step in that direction.