Diamondbacks Giveaways and Promotions this season

Arizona Diamondbacks have many promotions this year, but what about bobbleheads?
Arizona Diamondbacks have many promotions this year, but what about bobbleheads? / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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The Arizona Diamondbacks always have many promotions to entice fans to come to spend money at their ballpark and see their games. The days these promotions usually have the highest attendance rate for the team throughout the season. It helps they are held on Saturday most often. The Dbacks hold not only giveaways such as bobbleheads, but also shirts, hats, bags, and various other items. They also hold theme nights whether its Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Italian, or various other nights. In the past, they have held throwback alumni game nights too where the players of the past square off once again. This year, they have 21 such giveaway, events, themes, or other celebrations.

The one thing you will notice this year compared to every year in team history, besides 2020, is the lack of bobbleheads. There are no bobbleheads being given this year. Reportedly, this is due to supply chain issues and that the team couldn't ensure they would be here in time. They will return in 2023 reportedly. That's extremely sad as bobbleheads are probably the most popular giveaway for the team. One thing that will return from 2021 is the team splitting its giveaway days. Instead of doing all 20,000 on one day like in the past, they do 10,000 over two days to promote more people coming to games I presume.

April Giveaways for the Diamondbacks

April 22nd vs New York Mets: Jackie Robinson 75th Anniversary celebration

On this Friday, the Dbacks will be celebrating Jackie Robinson and the 75th anniversary of his breaking the color barrier in the MLB. There will be a postgame fireworks show and a rally towel being given away to the first 5,000 fans. Additionally, there's a ticket offer that if you buy a specific ticket, you get a Jackie Robinson Diamondbacks hat.

Saturday, Sunday, April 23rd-24th vs New York Mets: Diamondbacks Hooded Tees

Over these two days, 10,000 Diamondbacks hooded tees will be given away each day. They are short-sleeved and look very nice. I like them and plan on snagging one myself. I guess then, 9,999 will be available one of those days. This will be the only time the Mets are in town all year to see former Dbacks players like Eduardo Escobar, Max Scherzer, and Starling Marte among others.

Sunday - Wednesday, April 24th-27th vs LA Dodgers: Dias Del Nino

Over these four days, the Diamondbacks kids club is giving away a special Serpienteria Game and other prizes to all the kid's club members that attend. This will be the team's first home matchup with the rival Dodgers.

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