Diamondbacks Hot/Cold Double-A Hitters Edition

Tim Tawa is a rising Dbacks prospect is he hot/cold at the plate?
Tim Tawa is a rising Dbacks prospect is he hot/cold at the plate? / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

The Arizona Diamondbacks have one of the best MiLB systems in the MLB. Their prospects are ranked among the top 3 in the MLB. That's a big credit to the work of GM Mike Hazen and his team It speaks to the hard work of the coaches too. On an off day for the minor leagues, I figured we would take a look at the hot/cold hitters for the Diamondbacks minor league teams. This is a good reminder of the players that will soon play for the Diamondbacks. It also serves as a potential time journey into the future of who might reach the MLB. These names will be limited to only those that classify as prospects and that aren't in the MLB or not with that current level.

The Diamondbacks Hot/Cold Double-A Amarillo Sod Poodles Edition

Hot: Jorge Barrosa
Barrosa has been on fire of late for the Sod Poodles. He is smoking hot with a batting line of .342/.480/.526 over his last 11 games. Barrosa has 1 double and 2 home runs but has walked a mind-boggling 11 times against 6 strikeouts in his last 38 at-bats. The outfielder is pushing for Reno.

Cold: Tim Tawa
Tim Tawa is a prospect I think has a ton of potential at 2nd base. If I had to choose one prospect to put at 2nd base for the Diamondbacks in 2 years, it would be Tawa. He has a strong glove/power. However, he's mired in a rough stretch right now. He is hitting .188/.333/.219 in his last 10 games. He has walked 7 times and struck out 9 times. That's a great ratio, although only 1 double is a rough outlier. He'll get it turned around soon, I'm sure.

Hot: Roby Enriquez
This outfielder has been playing out of his mind this past two weeks. He has hit .542/.607/.792 with a double, home run, and triple to go with 6 RBI and 2 walks/strikeouts apiece. He has just been lighting up the stat book across his last 8 games. Hopefully he can keep it up.

Cold: Eduardo Diaz
Diaz is another prospect with a lot of potentials, but's struggling in Double-A right now. Over his last 41 at-bats, he has hit .195/.283/.366 with 5 walks to 9 strikeouts. The walking is a sign that he's seeing the ball well. However, he has 4 doubles and a home run with 8 RBI. He just needs to make more consistent contact as the power is definitely there.

Honorable Hot Mentions: Danny Oriente, Ti'Quan Forbes
Honorable Cold Mentions: Tristin English, Leandro Cedeno