The Arizona Diamondbacks offering extremely fan friendly ticket deal

The Arizona Diamondbacks are currently promoting a very team friendly season ticket deal for the 2024 season.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks
San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks / Ralph Freso/GettyImages

The Arizona Diamondbacks are offering, for a limited time only, a season ticket pass for all 81 home games for the 2024 regular season. This season pass is being offered for only $299, and that covers all games. On average, that’s about $3.70 a game.

One of the biggest issues many have about attending modern sporting events is that the price is insane. According to, the average price for a family of four to attend a MLB Game for the cheapest tickets, and factoring in the average cost of parking, four drinks (two beers and two sodas), and four hot dogs, is about $150. Of course, not everyone who goes to games gets that much to drink, that much to eat, or brings four people in total.

On top of that, the resale market has become so much worse because of fees and scalping. Ticket reselling sites like StubHub and Ticketmaster have both gotten themselves in their fair share of controversy because of the insane mark-ups on sporting events and concerts. Both fees and scalping have become a massive issue for fans who want to attend events that require you to buy a ticket to go to.

This kind of deal the Diamondbacks are currently promoting gives fans the opportunity to go to all home games for an affordable price. Even if someone cannot attend all 81 games but still wants to go watch the Diamondbacks at Chase Field on a regular basis, they can either resell the tickets for a relatively low cost or give them to friends. 

This should also greatly improve the Diamondbacks’ attendance. The Snakes averaged only 24,212 fans per game, which was only the 20th most in baseball last year. Overall, they fell just under the 2 million fan mark at 1,961,182 in total in 2023. On top of them making the World Series, the Diamondbacks are getting a ton of good attention there way and should help them attract more fans.

Overall, this is such a fan friendly deal, and it’s nice to see sort of a reward to fans. If you are a Diamondbacks fan and you plan on going to multiple games this year with the family, friends, or just yourself, it may end up being cheaper to buy some of these ticket plans (if they are still available) than to buy tickets for individual games.