Biggest one hit wonders in Arizona Diamondbacks history

Let's look at some of the best one hit wonder seasons in Arizona Diamondbacks' history.

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Chad Tracy
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Chad Tracy

The Diamondbacks took Chad Tracy in the seventh round of the 2001 MLB draft. In his 2004 rookie season, Tracy batted .289/.343/.407. He had a low 11% strikeout rate with a respectable 8.5% walk rate. While these numbers look decent on paper, considering how good at hitting the rest of the league was and how hitter-friendly Chase Field was.

Regardless, Tracy then broke out in 2005. In 553 plate appearances, Tracy slashed .308/.359/.553 with a .385 wOBA and 130 wRC+. While his strikeout rate (14.3%) and walk rate (6.3%) both moved in the wrong direction, he saw his isolated slugging percentage go from just .123 to .245. Tracy hit 27 home runs. There were just 16 batters that year with 25+ homers and a .300+ BA.

Tracy split his time between first base and right field. At first, he was a great defender with +9 defensive runs saved and a +8.0 UZR/150. His defense in left field wasn’t as good, but he wasn’t a major liability either. He had -3 DRS but +6.8 UZR/150. Plus, his arm was about average out in right.

But after that 2005 season? Tracey was a below-league-average batter. He would hit just .261/.322/.416 with a .319 wOBA and 86 wRC+ throughout the final 1903 plate appearances of his career. Tracey hit 20 home runs in 2006 but just 27 more after that. Tracey appeared in games for the Miami Marlins and Chicago Cubs in 2010 and finished off his MLB career with the Washington Nationals in 2012-2013.