Diamondbacks Prospects Review: Third Baseman

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A.J. Vukovich

Scouting Report: Hit: 45, Game Power: 55, Raw Power: 70, Speed: 20, Fielding: 45, FV: 40+
ETA: 2025
Fangraphs Ranking: Diamondbacks 15th best prospect.
MLB Pipeline Ranking: Diamondbacks 9th best prospect.
Venom Strikes Rankings: Diamondbacks 10th best prospect

Now for the other big power threat. Vukovich has the same Raw Power grade as Devyson, but a slightly lower Game Power grade. The fourth-rounder has had a decent enough start to his pro career, where he's been about average so far, with his 2021 wRC+ in Low-A and High-A both being 99. He slashed a cool .298 / .315 / .438 at High-A Hillsboro. I'm a fan of high averages, so no complaints there. My big concern with Vukovich is his walk rate. His walk rate at Hillsboro in 2021 was 2.4% and has started 2022 with a 3.1% walk rate, also at Hillsboro. That looks like the missing piece of the puzzle to me, because a .298 average and a .438 slugging percentage is pretty darn good. He's off to a bit of a slow start in 2022 through eight games, where he's got a triple slash of .233 / .281 / .267 at the time of writing. He'll be picking that up soon, I'm sure. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in AA this season.