Gino Groover’s long term position with the Arizona Diamondbacks

Where will Arizona Diamondbacks' top prospect Gino Groover play in the long term?

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The Arizona Diamondbacks’ second-round pick from 2023, Gino Groover, might move positions by the time he makes the Major Leagues. Although he was drafted as a third baseman and played just that position in his first taste of pro ball, Groover moved all around the field during his three years in college. Since he didn’t have a defined position when drafted, where could we expect Groover to stick in the long run?

Groover’s first college season saw him mostly play first base for UNC Charlotte in 2021. He appeared in 37 games at first but also logged 14 games at second base. Groover played six games in right field as well as a singular contest at the hot corner. Groover then transferred to NC State, where they continued to use him all around the field during his two seasons with the ACC team.

First base continued to be Groover’s primary position in 2022, with eight more at the keystone and nine between left and right field. This was also the first time he would play a game out in left. Groover would keep playing first and left field in the Cape Cod League that summer. 2023 would see Groover take on the hot corner. His only prior experience at third base was the single game he played there in 2021. This time, he saw 57 games at third base, with just one across the diamond at first base. It would be the first time he would not play any second base or outfield in his college career.

Groover then was drafted by the D-Backs 48th overall and (like I stated earlier) did not play anywhere else but third base. This is a position he could definitely stick at. He has a strong enough arm to make throws from the position without any trouble. But he struggled to make accurate throws earlier in his career. According to reports, however, he’s polished his throwing mechanics and started to translate some of his well above-average athleticism to on-field results with his glove.

He’s considered a below-average runner by most accounts, so placing him in one of Chase Field’s spacious corners might not be such a good idea. His range could also be an issue at second base, which leaves first base as his potential next-best destination. After all, it is the position he mostly played in college and might be his long-term home.

It’s going to come down to if he can continue to make improvements at third base. Groover has already put in the work to improve his throws from the hot corner. But that doesn’t mean he’s a finished product. 2024 will be a big year for Groover in his development, especially defensively. He was considered a bat-first prospect when the D-Backs took him in the second round. As of right now, if I had to make a verdict, I would say that Groover sticks at third base. I am optimistic he can make the adjustments to stick at the hot corner for some time.