Grading the Arizona Diamondbacks’ off-season moves

Let's review each of the moves the Arizona Diamondbacks have made this off-season.
Arizona Diamondbacks Press Conference
Arizona Diamondbacks Press Conference / Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks/GettyImages
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The Arizona Diamondbacks came off a National League pennant in 2023 but fell just short of the Commissioner's Trophy. The D-Backs knew that there was work to be done going into the off-season. Even though they had made it to baseball's biggest stage, they also only won 84 games in the regular seasons.

So far this winter, the D-Backs have made some great attempts at improving the roster. They've added a handful of major league players who could have a massive impact on next season. So, let's go through each of their big additions and grade them out.

Note that I am only looking at moves that added a player to the 40-man roster. So, for example, the D-Backs have signed multiple players to minor league contracts. But none of them will be part of today's list. So, with that being said, let's look at the D-Backs' first move.