Let's have some fun! Who are the tallest/shortest players in Diamondbacks' team history?

Augie Ojeda, the shortest Arizona Diamondbacks player or no?
Augie Ojeda, the shortest Arizona Diamondbacks player or no? / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Who is the shortest player in Arizona Diamondbacks' history?

Since 1998, the Diamondbacks have had a ton of tall and short guys play for the best team in baseball. Some may surprise you. I was certainly surprised. What if I told you that the Diamondbacks had someone as short as 5'9, 5'8, 5'7, and even 5'6. That's not what you expect from an MLB player. However, it just goes to show that no matter your size, it's your skill, heart, and determination to make it to the big leagues that ultimately says whether or not you're a big leaguer.

Now, there have been plenty of 5'9 players for the Diamondbacks like Tony Womack, who played with the Dbacks from 99-03, or Augie Ojeda, who played with Dbacks from 07-09. However, if we bump down an inch, there have only been two players that have played with the Dbacks at 5'8. They are Alberto Callaspo, 2006, and Tony Campana, 13-14.

What if we go to players that were 5'7? Well, there's only one player that played with the Diamondbacks. His name is Quinton McCracken. What an amazing name. He played with the Diamondbacks from 2002-05. Albeit over two different stints with the team during that time, he also wore two different numbers, #4 and #6. Yet another fun fact!

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As for the two shortest players in team history, that honor belongs to Donnie Sadler and David Eckstein. They both are 5'6. Donnie played with the snakes back in 2004 while David played with them in 2008 when they acquired him for the stretch run. It's pretty awesome knowing that height truly doesn't matter in the long run for baseball, since there are tons of examples of short and tall players making it.