Who takes over in left field for the Arizona Diamondbacks?

With Lourdes Gurriel Jr. likely departing in free agency, who takes over in left field for the Arizona Diamondbacks next season?
World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Three
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Dominic Fletcher may have made more of an impact in 2023 had it not been for a fractured finger. Either way, he has a foot in the door for the last outfield spot. In Fletcher's brief time in the big leagues, he hit .301/.351/.441 through 102 plate appearances. Fletcher did not hit for much power, having an ISO of just .140, and he also had a sub-par 6.9% walk rate. However, he at least had an above-average 21.6% strikeout rate.

He also hit exceptionally well at Triple-A, batting .291/.399/.500 with a .400 wOBA and 120 wRC+. It was in the uber-hitter-friendly PCL, where the average OPS was .822, so take his offensive numbers for what you will. But he still K'd at a rate below 20% at 18.6% while carrying a 12.6% walk rate.

Fletcher is a good defensive outfielder and had +4 defensive runs saved and +2 outs above average in less than 220 innings played between left and center field. Had Fletcher played just 800 innings, he would have been on pace for about +16 DRS and +7 OAA. Fletcher may even have the inside track for the third outfield spot as of right now.

While Fletcher may already have his foot in the door, don't forget about Jorge Barrosa. Barrosa batted .274/.394/.456, leading to a .385 wOBA, and 110 wRC+. Barrosa walked nearly as often as he struck out with a 15.9% BB% and 16.3% K%. But Barrosa was only able to manage a .182 isolated slugging percentage in the PCL.

Barrosa deserves a look in the bigs based on his fielding alone. Only Druw Jones may be the better defensive outfielder currently in the system. Barrosa is also a great runner who can cover a ton of ground. Barrosa has poor power but could hit .280 with a well-above-average strikeout rate and solid walk rate. He projects as a speedy spray hitter but with Gold Glove potential.