Potential MLB Draft picks for the Diamondbacks at #2

2021 1st Round pick Jordan Lawler of the Diamondbacks
2021 1st Round pick Jordan Lawler of the Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

It's draft season for the MLB and scouts. The MLB Draft is on Sunday, July 17th at 7 P.M. EST where the Orioles will make the first pick. You don't have to wait long to see who the Arizona Diamondbacks select as they have the 2nd overall pick. This is the highest the Diamondbacks have picked since selecting Dansby Swanson #1 overall in 2015. For some weird reason, the MLB thinks it is wise to hold the draft the week of the All-Star break.

It's quite exciting for both players being drafted and for fans alike who get to who the next potential star of their favorite team will be. Optimism and hopes will be raging as players find out which team they are likely to be signing with to begin their pro baseball career. Unlike other leagues, players can refuse to sign with the team that drafted them and enter the draft next year if you're a college player or in 3 years if you're a high school player.

Plus, each team is limited by how much money they can spend to sign their new draft picks. The Dbacks have the 2nd-highest bonus pool to sign their picks with at $15,112,100. The #2 overall pick comes with a slot value of $8,185,100 and teams like to spend less on those high picks so they can sign the rest of their picks easily.

These are the players that the Arizona Diamondbacks could draft at #2 overall in the MLB Draft 2022

Druw Jones, OF, Wesleyan HS, GA,18, 6'4. R/R

Druw Jones is the son of famous former Braves OF'er Andruw Jones who won 10 Gold Gloves. His son is following in that same footstep in terms of having star potential and being a 5-tool prospect. MLB Pipeline has him ranked easily as the #1 prospect in the draft. Rumors are that Druw is the player the Diamondbacks want more than any other prospect.

He can play any outfield position with a cannon for an arm and amazing speed to track any balls down. He's able to swipe bags as well. Pipeline says he's the best defender in the draft. Druw has great raw power that will play as he grows into his frame. I'd project him for easily 20/20 seasons while hitting 40+ doubles. He can hit the ball to all fields. If the Diamondbacks land Druw, it will be a perfect pick, much like Jordan Lawler and Corbin Carroll.

Jackson Holliday, Stillwater HS, OKLA, 18, 6'1, 175, L/R

Holliday is the son of former great MLB slugger Matt Holliday. MLB Pipeline lists him as the 3rd best prospect in the draft, though he's my 2nd best prospect. Holliday hits the ball with anger and is consistently driving through the ball. He's growing into his size and with that brings tons of unlocked power. He understands how to hit and how to work the plate.

Pipeline has him destined to play at 3rd base, a spot the Dbacks need prospect help at. He is fast enough to play anywhere on the diamond, and you can just see the way he acts. He acts like an MLB player with a high baseball IQ and knows where to throw the ball. His defense is still growing, but it's got a lot of potential. He's 30/10-caliber player. I'd be surprised if Holliday didn't take a below-slot deal. His commitment to OKLA State is not as strong as Jones' commitment to Vanderbilt.

Elijah Green, OF, IMG Academy, FL, 18, 6'3, 225, R/R

Green is the son of former NFL star TE Eric Green, and he looks like he could play in the NFL right now too. He is MLB Pipeline's #2 prospect. Green has exciting power capable of hitting 30+ HRs a year. I have zero doubt that he will do well at smashing the baseball. Watching some tape, I do see that he has some holes in his swing that will expose him in the upper minors. Of course, with proper coaching, those holes can be fixed, plus with better pro-baseball conditioning, he can add some bat speed.

Green is one of the fastest players in the draft which will give him the ability to stick in the outfield long-term. Pipeline says that he has a great arm, and it further speaks to his ability to stay in the outfield. I doubt the Diamondbacks draft Green, but it can't be denied that it's a possibility. He's currently committed to Miami and he's my #4 prospect in the draft.

Termarr Johnson, 2B, Mays HS, GA, 18, 5'10, 175, L/R

Termarr is who I ultimately think goes #1 overall to the Orioles. He's a power-hitting 2nd baseman that should reach the MLB quickly and seems to be the most willing to take a below-slot deal. According to MLB Pipeline, he's their #4 prospect and has a hit tool that can reach the 80 grade (20-80 is the scale). Very rarely do you ever see a player get a grade of 70, let alone 80! Pipeline says scouts compare him to Vladdy Sr and Wade Boggs. Sheesh.

After watching some films, I can see why. He has mastered the art of hitting. He has amazing hand-eye coordination while being able to hit any pitch at any time anywhere on the plate. He doesn't seem fazed by curveballs or high-speed pitches. I can easily see him hitting .300 and 30+ HRs in the MLB. He reminds me of a 2nd base, Juan Soto. He is currently committed to attend Arizona State, but that's not a guarantee.

Those are the 4 MLB Draft prospects that the Diamondbacks are looking at intently. I would say Druw Jones is in the lead, but it's hard to tell with GM Mike Hazen keeping his hand close to the vest. The Arizona Diamondbacks will likely be able to draft another star-caliber player in the MLB Draft on July 17th, 2022. Be sure to tune in and I'll have more draft articles coming out soon!