Projected Diamondbacks and NL West standings this year

Ketel Marte doesn't like the Diamondbacks projected standings
Ketel Marte doesn't like the Diamondbacks projected standings / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

I get that the Diamondbacks struggled mightily last year en route to a last-place finish in the division and a tie for the worst record in the MLB. They had a 52-110 record, but I don't think that record truly was representative of the Dbacks or their ability. They had to deal with an otherworldly amount of injuries, plus they started 16 different starting pitchers. 16! That's more than 3 whole rotations. It's hard to do good if you're literally starting the 16th guy on your depth chart. Combine that with injuries to Peralta, Marte, Walker, Kelly, and basically all of our best players, it's no wonder Torey and company couldn't get much out of the team.

Also, you can't tell me the Dbacks will ever go on another 8-48 record over two months. Even their Pythagorean W-L had the team severely underperforming and said their record should've been 61-101. I'm glad the team brought back Torey and made some exciting coaching hires like Brent Strom, Joe Mather, and Jeff Bannister. Combine that with healthy seasons from the team's best players, a healthy rotation, and many young and exciting prospects that should reach the majors this year, I don't see the Dbacks coming close at all to their record last year.

Other sites like Dave Hill over at Call to the Pen predict the team to finish in last place behind a way better top-4. Fangraphs predicts the Diamondbacks to finish 70-92 and in fourth place ahead of the Rockies. PECOTA pegs the team to finish in 4th with 71 wins and 91 losses. 538 has the team finishing 69-93, while Bleacher Report has the team finishing an awful 61-101. I don't know about you, but I think BR is off their rocker.

What about my NL West predictions?

1. Los Angeles Dodgers - 95 - 67: They just have too much offense that will overcome their lack of pitching depth.

2. San Francisco Giants - 90 - 72: They have enough pitching with enough bats to be able to repeat a lot of success from last year, however, they are not 107 wins good without Bryant.

3. San Diego Padres - 88 - 74: I just think the Padres don't have enough hitters, outfielders, and that their bullpen has enough question marks to make up for the fact that Tatis will miss half the season. I could see the Padres finishing strong, but there's too many question marks.

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4. Arizona Diamondbacks - 73 - 89: This would be a massive season for the Dbacks and most likely ensure Manager Torey Lovullo stays on another season. I think with renewed health and better depth, the team will improve upon its 2021 record by 21 wins! That's pretty good and would generate a ton of hope for 2023. I hope I'm wrong and that this record is even better, but I'm being realistic.

5. Colorado Rockies - 69 - 93: The Rockies made some splashy moves like signing Bryant, but they are still too thin on the offense and with a rough bullpen to be able to truly make moves this year. I don't see them doing much while the team regroups and pushes for 2023/4.

There you have it folks, my predictions on the NL West. I think the Dbacks finish close to what FanGraphs and PECOTA have. Do you think I or they are right? What do you think the Dbacks finish at?

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