The Legends of Nightmares happened during a Diamondbacks game?

Apple TV+ MLB Dbacks vs Cubs
Apple TV+ MLB Dbacks vs Cubs / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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A true story of Apple TV+'s Friday Night Baseball coverage between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Chicago Cubs was truly a Legend of Nightmares, at least to those watching it. According to Katie Nolan, Cliff Floyd, and Stephen Nelson, the Dbacks' Legend's Race was the true Legend of Nightmares. Katie would've liked their "necks to be shorter" or so the runners "can't see". That's just one of many issues that plagued this coverage. There are plenty of comments on Twitter about this coverage. I guess negative publicity is still good publicity?

Heidi Watney too often sounded like a robot due to audio issues I presume? The bias towards the Cubs was clear as Stephen Nelson made fun of Daulton Varsho's bunting. You must have an Apple Account to be able to watch the Diamondbacks vs Cubs game, and if you do, then it's free to view. However, that is just too much work, since now you have to worry about when games are on Bally Sports, Fox Sports, MLB Network, ESPN, Peacock, and Apple TV+. I highly doubt people want to do that.

Cliff Floyd needed help saying lines, and Katie Nolan was making fun of his struggles. Stephen Nelson kept announcing players' names wrong and then laughing about it. To his credit, he did own up to it at least. The entire broadcast felt incredibly slanted towards the Cubs or just nonsense. Of course, that's when they actually would talk about the game or the teams. Too often, they would just get lost in their own conversations and miss plays that were happening.

When Christian Walker was walking up to an at-bat, the announcers felt they needed to point out how Walker just gives them "country vibes" and almost missed the fact that he got a run-scoring hit.

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Perhaps one of the most bewildering moments is when they are singing the Cubs' praise and saying how the Cubs just do "the little things right". The Cubs are 11-19 yet they are acting like they are the ones who have the Diamondbacks' 17-15 record. To be fair, the announcers definitely trashed on the Cubs at times too, but it certainly felt way more towards the Diamondbacks.

Heidi Watney kept trying to get Luis Gonzalez to come into the pool with her, despite then asking him how his family is doing. It was a clearly awkward interview. To make it even more awkward, Heidi's forced to wear giant headphones that keep making me think she is wearing giant white ear muffs.

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