Top DH Candidates for the Diamondbacks

Seth Beer a DH Candidate?
Seth Beer a DH Candidate? / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Arizona Diamondbacks Christian Walker
Christian Walker a potential DH Candidate? / Norm Hall/GettyImages

2. Christian Walker

It shouldn't come as a surprise that another first baseman is among the picks for the team's DH role. After all, the team went from having only Goldy to having 3 MLB-Startable first basemen in a matter of two years. Henceforth why I have included Christian Walker.

Christian has played for the Diamondbacks since 2017 and been the mainstay at first since 2019. He's known to be a solid fielder, especially when healthy. Last year, he dealt with a reoccurring oblique injury. Despite that, he had 4 defensive runs saved (DRS), a UZR rating of 2.3, and a range rating of 2.5. If you're wondering whether those numbers are good, they are since they are above zero.

Walker is definitely capable of being a DH with his light-tower power and clutch hitting. However, he might be best served to be the regular defensive first basemen. At least until Seth Beer or Pavin Smith can prove themselves there. I believe in Walker bouncing back this year. If the season ever happens that is.

This next name might surprise you although it shouldn't. He's a mainstay for the team and it's time to let the young ones play.