Top DH Candidates for the Diamondbacks

Seth Beer a DH Candidate?
Seth Beer a DH Candidate? / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Pavin Smith Arizona Diamondbacks
Pavin Smith could be a DH Candidate, at least part-time / Norm Hall/GettyImages

4. Pavin Smith

While this one might be an odd choice, it's truly just about making sure Pavin's bat remains in the lineup. Pavin struggled in the field last year. Of course, that's due to him playing positions he had never played before. The Dbacks stuck him in right field, center field, and left field, along with first base due to injuries.

Due to that, it's understandable that he struggled mightily in the outfield. At right field, he had a 0.9 UZR but -1 DRS. Whereas in center, he put up a -4.1 UZR and -10 DRS. At first, he managed a -0.2 UZR and 0 DRS. While the Dbacks most likely see him playing a variety of positions again, hopefully they limit it to right field and first base.

Depending on what happens with Beer and Walker, Pavin might become the regular first baseman or DH. His bat is extremely talented. He's a solid contact hitter that has growing power. Plus, his eye at the plate is amazing. We need him in the lineup.

While the Diamondbacks could always sign a player to be their DH, I just don't see it happening. There's no reason to go out and sign a veteran player when we aren't yet ready to compete for the playoffs. Of course, that's assuming the season starts relatively soon. Anyways, Arizona has 4 ready-made DH players on their roster already. Combine that with giving guys like Ketel Marte and Josh Rojas time off the field but keep their bat in the lineup and they are set.

Luckily, this massive change in the MLB will not hurt Arizona too much. It might help their plodding offense. Although I disagree with the rule change and believe in the bunt, strategy, and seeing pitchers hit, it might be a good change for the Diamondbacks. At least, it better be or you'll be seeing articles about why we need to go back to pitchers.