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What are the Diamondbacks' players Walk-Up Music?

Alek Thomas at the plate after his walkup song plays at Diamondbacks' Chase Field
Alek Thomas at the plate after his walkup song plays at Diamondbacks' Chase Field / Norm Hall/GettyImages

As you might hear from your TV or when you're at Chase Field watching the Arizona Diamondbacks play another team at home, you'll hear many different songs be played. Especially, you'll hear one played whenever a Dbacks player is announced whether it's for pitching or hitting. In case you've ever wondered what music accompanies players to the mound or plate as their "introduction or walk-up song", I have the answers for you! All of this comes from the Dbacks site, but it can be hard to find sometimes.

Some players won't be included like Buddy Kennedy who has only played a few games, and the team has yet to announce his regular walk-up music. Other players, like Alek Thomas, will change their music for a single game if it's a meaningful day.

Regardless, let's get started!

Nick Ahmed (60-Day IL), SS: I'm a Saint by Lecrae, Nick is an out-spoken Christian who for years had TobyMac as his music, now it's Lecrae, another Christian Rapper.

Seth Beer (Triple-AAA right now) 1B: Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like) by Grits feat. TobyMac, Seth is a Christian player who features popular Christian Rapper TobyMac as his walk-up song.

J.B. Bukauskas (60-Day IL) RP: What I Can't Put Down by Jon Pardi, J.B. apparently likes Country music as he has one of Country's biggest artists for his intro song.

Madison Bumgarner, SP: Hypnotize, by Notorious B.I.G., I can't say I expected MadBum to have this song as his intro music, but it does suit him well. Always appreciate the old-school rap.

Humberto Castellanos (60-Day IL) SP: Panchito El F1 by Los Tucanes De Tijuana, Humberto has a popular Spanish song as his intro music, it's got a nice beat.

Zach Davies SP: It's Tricky by Run DMC. This is a classic party song from the 80s/90s and seems to fit Davies's personality. After all, pitching is pretty tricky.

Zac Gallen SP: Let The Beat Build By Lil Wayne. This is one of Lil Wayne's classic rap songs that definitely set the mood and tone.

Jake Hager Utility INF: No Place by Rufus Du Sol. I have to say that I'd not heard of this song prior to this article, but it's got a solid beat, some nice alternative pop music and feels like a classic love ballad.

Jose Herrera Backup Catcher: Se Me Nota by Chimbala x Omega. This is a combo English/Spanish song that evokes a party, fun, and exciting atmosphere. It definitely gets you wanting to be hype and dance.

Tyler Holton (Reno Aces currently) RP: Take it Outside by Brantley Gilbert. This reminds me of if Johnny Cash did Country music. It's slow but got an intense feel to it with solid vocals. Even has a tinge of rock.

Cooper Hummel (Reno Aces currently) OF: Hell & Back by Kid Ink. Coopers got a strong song by Kid Ink that gets the beat going and has a memorable chorus. It gives me a relaxed feeling.

Carson Kelly Catcher: Tequila Shots by Kid Cudi, Carson did have pop music for years, but finally switched it up this year to Kid Cudi. It's an active strong rap song that gives me a relaxed feeling as well. It's a story song but is pretty good.

Merrill Kelly SP: Ante Up (Robin Hoodz Theory) by M.O.P. This is a hype song that gets you wanting to jump around and work out. It's an intense song that is fast-paced and gets your blood pumping which is funny because Merrill always looks so calm on the mound.

Ian Kennedy RP: Sad But True by Metallica. This is a classic rock song from the heyday of Metallica. It's a great song for an elder late-inning relief pitcher who takes the mound in often crucial situations. A powerful strong menacing song.

Jordan Luplow OF: Someone to Love by Stephen Marley and House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. The latter song is a classic rock song that just gives everyone a different memory. It's truly awesome to hear prior to an at-bat by Luplow. The former song gives me a reggae-type vibe with peace and calms towards it. What a contrast of songs.

Joe Mantiply RP (stud): Burning Man by Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osborne. This is a recent hit Country song that I'm sure many country fans have heard. It's a great duo that is fast paced but still calm.

Ketel Marte Star INF: Replica by CJ (Feat. El Alfa) and Bye Bye by Mozart La Para, Chimbala, Liro Shaq. Ketel has used Bye Bye for many years. It's his classic walk-up song that is hyper, enjoyable, and just fun. Replica is a recent addition to his profile and is similar to Bye Bye.

Corbin Martin (Reno Aces currently) SP: New Year's Day by Charlie Robison. This is an early-2000's Country song that gives a folk-country vibe. It's a story song and makes you feel as if you are out in the countryside.

Jake McCarthy (Reno Aces sadly currently) OF: Brain Stew by Green Day. If you like rock or alternative rock, then you likely have heard of this song. It's one of Green Day's most famous songs and is a crunk-type song in my opinion. It's definitely one that can get you focused or unfocused depending on your taste in music.

Mark Melancon Closer: Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Of course, what other classic rock song would you give a late-30's strong closer who looks like he eats a bowl of nails for breakfast. The Shark vibes to the fast-beating and Thunderous sounds of this classic song.

David Peralta OF: Esta Si by Chimbala, Chucky73, Dowba Montana, and Helicoptero by Farruko. I wish the Freight Train just had a freight train horn blare when he walks up to the plate but alas. Esta Si is a party-Spanish song that makes you want to dance and have happy spirits and it's hard to not smile.

Geraldo Perdomo SS: No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame (Feat. Roscoe Dash, Wale) and In Da Club by 50 Cent. These are 2 amazing and classic rap songs. This is a strong hype song by Waka Flocka that gets you pumped up and ready to smash some baseballs. 50 Cent's song is a huge classic as well that makes you ready to work out, crush some baseballs, or dance. It's immediately recognizable.

Sean Poppen RP: Quarantine by MuteMath. Poppen's song is an alternative rock song that has a unique beat to it but still can pump you up.

Noe Ramirez RP: Super Star by Ranking Dread. This is a reggae English song. It's calming and just fun to listen to. It's got that classic reggae vibe to it that you can imagine listening to in Jamaica.

Josh Rojas 3B: Put On by Jeezy feat. Kanye West. If you like rap, you have heard this song. It's an intense pump-up song that makes you confident and ready to workout or in Rojas' case, launch a baseball to the Space Station.

Caleb Smith RP: Rodeo by Garth Brooks. I can't imagine Caleb Smith not having a country song. He just evokes a country vibe and feeling. That's the same as what this song by legend Brooks does.

Pavin Smith OF/1B: Living Water by Shane and Shane. This is a deeply spiritual Christian song that really is calming and heartfelt. You can see how this song reflects Pavin as he seems to be a really chill, happy, easygoing man.

Alek Thomas Star OF: A Milli by Lil Wayne, and a bunch of other songs depending on the day. This team seems to like Lil Wayne. Another classic of Wayne, this song is a party or workout song that gets your heart beating and makes you want to move.

Daulton Varsho OF/C: The Way I Talk by Morgan Wallen. This is a recent smash Country song that if you like country, makes you want to move/dance. It's a heartwarming song too.

Christian Walker 1B: Me on Whiskey by Morgan Wallen and Goosebumps by Travis Scott. Walker has 2 songs depending on the at-bat he is taking. Usually, it depends on if it's odds or evens. This is the 2nd Wallen song in a row, and another recent country hit. It's quite good. If you like rap, then you probably like Travis Scott, especially this song. It's a party/workout song.

Luke Weaver SP/RP: Space Jam by Quad City DJs. This is the song from the movie, the good Space Jam movie I mean. It's a goofy dance song that just makes me think of Luke Weaver and his fun personality.

J.B. Wendelken RP: Cadillac on 22s by David Banner and Still Fly by Big Tymers. Cadillac is a good rap song that feels calmer than pumping. It's still good. Still Fly is a strong rap song that is known as a workout/confidence-boosting song. I can see why he uses it.

Hopefully, the Dbacks update their walkup songs soon so that I can get Buddy Kennedy's and other rookies' music!