Where Should Ketel Marte Play?

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The Infield

I was shocked by this statistic which is that Marte has played 275 career games at the short-stop position. The average fielding percentage across the league at the short-stop position is .974. In those 275 career games, Marte owns a below-average fielding percentage of .960. In the same sample size, he has Defensive Runs Saved of two runs. His Range Factor (putouts + assists/ innings played) is 4.09 while committing an eye-popping 43 errors.

I must admit that I am glad no one is putting a gun to my head and saying, "how many more career games has Ketel Marte started at second base than he has started at shortstop?" I would have said something to the effect of, "At least 100." And that would have got me shot for sure. Especially when the answer is four. He has played 275 games at SS and 279 games at second base. His fielding percentage in those games is higher at .988 but the fielding percentage of the average major league player is higher at second base as well coming in at .982. In his only four more games we add a zero to Ketel's career DRSAA at short-stop it was 2 and at second base it is 20. His Range Factor is higher at 4.27 and his errors drop significantly from 43 at short-stop to 11 at second base.

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Now, let's take a look at the final position and use statistics, roster construction, and other factors to make an informed decision on where Marte should play.