Who are the 6 highest paid Diamondbacks & Who should be traded?

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The 4th highest paid Diamondback player for the 2022 season at $7.5MM is David Peralta. This is the final year of the 3-year contract he signed with the Diamondbacks in 2020. 

David Peralta
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Who is David Peralta? He is a serviceable outfielder. I am sure that some of our readers are yelling right now, because the Freight Train is a fan favorite, but the numbers say the statement is true. No stolen bases and has been caught twice, he strikes out more than twice as much as he walks, only 40 hits in 52 games with a .238 batting average. The average WAR for a Major League player is 2.7, Peralta has only reached that number once in his 9-year career, but this year it is 0.8.

If there is going to be a surprise on this list, this is probably it. Coming in as the 3rd highest-paid player for the 2022 season. Making $7.88MM is Nick Ahmed. Plus, he makes $10.38MM next season.

Nick Ahmed, Brendan Rodgers
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Who is Nick Ahmed? An often-injured shortstop who gives the team little production when he is on the dirt. Over the last 3 seasons, he has played in 57, 129, and 17 games. His batting average has been .266, .221, and .231 over those last 3 seasons. Again, in the same 3 seasons, he has given the Dbacks 13 home runs and 74 RBIs. He strikes out more and walks less than the average Major Leaguer and currently has a negative WAR for the season. 

Only 2 left, then we decide which of the 6 we try to trade.