A Look Ahead to the 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks – LF/RF Edition


Today is February 19th, 2015. The first day of Spring Training games will soon be here. Opening day for the Diamondbacks is April 6th, 2015 vs. the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. Between now and then, a lot can change.

As most Dbacks fans are aware, the outfield situation is a tricky one, to say the least. Quite a few options for all three positions (LF/CF/RF), with some minor league players in the wings, not including if Yasmany Tomas fails to stick at third base. That list of players is as follows:

David Peralta (LF/CF/RF)
Ender Inciarte (LF/CF/RF)
Cody Ross (LF/RF)
Mark Trumbo (LF/RF)
AJ Pollock (CF)

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While I write this, the only sure thing is AJ Pollock getting his time as the Diamondbacks’ starting Center Fielder. You have a better chance of knowing the opening day outlook of Arizona’s outfield if you ask Zoltar, but I can’t find Tom Hanks anywhere, and I’m not 100% certain even Zoltar knows.

Back to the topic at hand – Left Field. There are an array of options, and the depth chart on the Diamondbacks Website has the following, in order: David Peralta, Ender Inciarte, Cody Ross, Mark Trumbo. I don’t what want to make anyone nervous, but I’m going to anyway – the Arizona Diamondbacks starting Left Fielder has only 88 games at the big league level, all in 2014. Although .286/.320/.450 with 6 SBs and 9 3Bs is pretty amazing for even the most seasoned veteran in LF. NINE TRIPLES. NINE. In only 329 ABs. The triples leader in 2014 was the Dodgers’ Dee Gordon. He had 609 ABs, and 12 3Bs. In other words, Gordon had almost double the amount of at bats, and only 3 more triples than our very own David Peralta. Back to the basics: .286/.320/.450 with 6 SBs, 9 3Bs, 8 HRs, 36 RBI. In only 329 ABs. I simply cannot stress enough that the numbers Peralta posted in a limited number of ABs is simply phenomenal.

You all know about Mark Trumbo and Cody Ross. Both coming off seasons shortened by injuries. Both underwhelming in the field and at the dish. Both paid *a bit* too much. Both brought on under the regime of Kevin Towers. Given that we know all this already, I’m going to move right on to fan favorite Ender Inciarte.

Inciarte is another speedy guy on the Dbacks OF roster. In 118 games he managed to post a slash of .278/.318/.359 with 19 SBs, 3 3Bs, 4 HR, and 27 RBI. Inciarte is on pace to be Arizona’s 3rd best outfielder, in only his sophomore season.

“Well this all great and dandy, Chris. But none of it answers our questions.”

Valid point. I offer you my best guess – which is all I can do at this point.

LF: David Peralta
CF: AJ Pollock
RF: Ender Inciarte

“Yeah ok, Chris. But where does this leave Trumbo and Ross?”

You guys ask too many questions. I would venture a guess that Trumbo is a very valuable (albeit uber expensive) pinch hitter and replacement for Goldy once every couple weeks, just to give Paul a break.

“Are you going to ignore the question about what to do with Ross? (And his contract?)”


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