Call To Dbacks Fans: We Need To Help Goldy!


As many of you may have already found out, the first ballot update for the All Star Game has came in. It’s a little out of our jurisdiction to comment on our ballot-stuffing friends from Missouri (both of them). However, this is a call to action to all Dbacks fans and fans of America. This country’s first baseman must be in the All Star Game in Cincinnati, and he must be starting.

Someone’s missing, don’t you think? The first update was not kind to the Diamondbacks. Paul Goldschmidt was the lone Dbacks representative in the Top 5 of any position. Goldy only came in 3rd, behind Adrian Gonzalez and Anthony Rizzo. The only think we can do (and must do) is to vote. Vote often. Here are the early results.

  1. Adrian Gonzalez- 929,016 votes
  2. Anthony Rizzo- 489,255 votes
  3. Paul Goldschmidt- 480,019 votes

Gonzalez has gotten out to an early lead, while Goldy is only 9,000 votes away from Rizzo. With the All Star Game being in mid-July, Goldy has got plenty of time to catch up. Here are the stats from the Top 3 and how they rank among National League first basemen.

  • Adrian Gonzalez– .341 AVG (1st), 10 HR (T-2nd), 35 RBI (2nd), 32 R (2nd), .628 SLG (1st), 1.045 OPS (2nd)
  • Anthony Rizzo– .315 AVG (3rd), 9 HR (T-4th), 29 RBI (4th), 27 R (T-4th), .570 SLG (3rd), 1.009 OPS (3rd)
  • Paul Goldschmidt– .329 AVG (2nd), 12 HR (1st), 38 RBI (1st), 34 R (1st), .611 SLG (2nd), 1.051 OPS (1st)

Does that make you want to vote? If you noticed, Goldy actually leads Gonzalez and Rizzo (as well as the rest of the NL 1st basemen) in some pretty major categories. It’s our duty and responsibility to send Goldy to the All Star Game. Not only for him and the Dbacks, but for America. Let’s do this.

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