Diamondbacks MLB Draft Prospect – Alex Bregman


Today’s prospect is shortstop Alex Bregman coming from LSU. Bregman was previously drafted in the 19th round of the 2012 draft by the Boston Red Sox; however, he decided on LSU instead. He is considered a top talent, but none of the mock drafts have him as the top selection. That doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy, it just means the writers believe there are some better players available.

He is listed as 6’0″ and 185 pounds; however, I believe that to be a generous listing. Before I start listing out all these (potential) flaws in his game, let me just give the caveat that Bregman is a gamer. When you watch him play, it’s obvious that he is able to will himself and his team to accomplish things lesser-willed people would be unable to do.

First, his fielding. When you read most scouting reports on him, the question is always asked of whether he can stay at shortstop. Most people see him becoming a plus fielder at second base. That may very well be the case. But, take into consideration that Derek Jeter played shortstop his entire, lengthy career even though he was average to start and much less than average by the time he finished. Bregman is already a better fielder than Jeter was at age 30.

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Now, before a bunch of people start pointing to Jeter’s fielding percentage or gold glove awards, I just remind you that the best shortstops are the ones who make plays others can’t. Bregman does that. He has a very underrated first step and arm strength.  I say all this to say, don’t take too much stock in the idea that he can’t stick, but that he may move if a better option exists, which approximately half of major league baseball doesn’t currently have.

As for his hitting, Bregman has a low motion stride and shows very good eye-hand coordination. He get’s out in front with an even plane which allows him to have very good line drive power. I, personally, don’t like the way he loads his hips as it seems a bit too stiff, but he doesn’t over-rotate out of his shoes like other guys who have interesting loads (Alfonso Soriano). He is quick to the ball and shows an ability to go to all fields. Make no mistake, his bat is advanced and is what will get to the majors sooner rather than later.

His top competition in college and now in this draft is Dansby Swanson. They pay the same position and are both SEC shortstops. Bregman is a legitimate option with the first pick. He is also one of the safest picks in the draft, which is what may lead to him being one of the first few off the board, if not the first. Like I mentioned the mitigated risk of Dillon Tate yesterday, the same holds true for Bregman. Worst case scenario, assuming he can’t put it together at the major league level like a team would hope, is that of Stephen Drew – a player with some very good and some lackluster years who is at worst passable in the field.

We’ll see.

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