Could the Diamondbacks move Inciarte or Peralta?


With the trade deadline fast approaching, would the Arizona Diamondbacks be willing to move one of their outfielders?

With the trade deadline drawing near and the Arizona Diamondbacks in the midst of a six-game losing streak, rumors are circulating around about which players the Diamondbacks could be inclined to trade before the annual trade deadline on July 31.

With Arizona on the rebound and playing much more competitive baseball after last year’s abysmal season, it’s not likely that the team will make any moves that would hinder the future of the team. Instead it is more likely that maybe make some minor moves and try to shed some salary.

Those moves, could be something as simple as trading left-handed reliever Oliver Perez, who could be a hot commodity as teams look to shore up their bullpen heading into the postseason. Another move could be finding a suitor for Jeremy Hellickson, if there is interest in him.

The move the Diamondbacks would probably love to make, is trading Aaron Hill and being able to get out from under his salary. However, the moves you would love to make are usually the hardest to pull off.

However, could there be some moves that the team could make that people aren’t talking about as much? According to Ken Rosenthal, a couple of those players could be outfielders Ender Inciarte and David Peralta.

"The Padres talked to the Diamondbacks in spring training about a trade for outfielder Ender Inciarte and second baseman Aaron Hill and recently inquired again on Inciarte, according to major-league sources.Clubs also are asking the D-backs about David Peralta, but the front office is not inclined to move either outfielder, sources say. Both Inciarte and Peralta are under club control through 2020."

It makes sense that the Padres and Diamondbacks talked before the season began, as the Padres made a wide variety of moves before the season began. While, they may not have inquired on Aaron Hill again, Inciarte could be a valuable commodity as a lead-off hitter and a versatile outfielder because of his speed.

There are of course a couple questions that would have to be answered? Do the Diamondbacks want to trade Inciarte within the division? Does San Diego want to pay the higher price the Diamondbacks would likely command from their in-division rival?

However, that doesn’t mean San Diego or some other team won’t come calling and won’t blow them away with an offer. With Inciarte healthy and off the DL, there will probably be lots of interest in him. The Diamondbacks have Inciarte under control for five more seasons so it would have to take some package to pry him away.

Much like Inciarte, David Peralta is another one of those players that has had a successful season for the Diamondbacks. He’s also a player that could be of extreme use to a contending team. However, he could also be of use to the Diamondbacks as they continue to build toward the future. They have his rights as well until 2020, and it’s unlikely the team would want to trade away a bat in the outfield that they can count on to hit 15-20 home runs and bat around .275 – .280 consistently.

It’s another one of those deals where teams would likely have to pay a lot more than they would actually want to in a deal with the Diamondbacks.

At the end of the day, nothing should ever be ruled out as desperate teams could call at the last minute and offer Dave Stewart, Tony La Russa and company an offer they can’t refuse. The likely odds though, are that minor moves are made and some salary is shed to create future flexibility.

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