Arizona Diamondbacks Stand Pat at the Trade Deadline: That’s Just Fine


The asking price for Aroldis Chapman became to much. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Trade Deadline has come and passed and the Arizona Diamondbacks have decided to stand pat, and that is probably the best result that could have come out of today.

Just because the front office led by General Manager Dave Stewart, President of Baseball Operations Tony Stewart, and Team President Derrick Hall decided to stand pat, doesnt mean the Dbacks weren’t working the phones.

As of early this morning, the Diamondbacks were seen as the front runners to land Aroldis Chapman for several reasons.

CBS Sports Jon Heyman first reported last night that the Dbacks had made an offer for the fireball closer, and were waiting for the Reds to respond.

The storyline then continued to change throughout the day with some reports saying the Dbacks were still hopeful to get Chapman, and others saying as early as 6 hours ago that the asking price was just two high for the Dbacks.

The Astros and Yankees were also in on Chapman, but Heyman also tweeted 6 hours ago that he was unclear if there were any real threat to sign him other than the Snakes.

With all the chatter from last night connecting the Diamondbacks to Chapman, I thought for sure this deal was going to happen.

I woke up and I found that nothing was going to happen. Than I began to hear more about the asking price, and I began to think the Dbacks would just stand pat.

Earlier today, Bob Nightengale of the USA Today reported that the Dbacks were prepared to offer Braden Shipley, and 1 or 2 more top prospects.

Then right after the deadline, John Gambadoro reported that the Reds wanted Brandon Drury, Braden Shipley, and 1 other top flight prospect and the Dbacks said no.

At this point the Diamondbacks fan base was divided and I’m not sure why. This package would have made no sense for several reasons.

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The two things that Stewart didn’t want to do leading up to the deadline:

  • Dont mortage the farm system
  • If a deal is made it has to be for a player that is under control so the Dbacks can compete in the next 3 years.

News Flash: Chapman doesn’t fit either of those!

Chapman is under contract throught the 2016 season so he would have been in a Diamondbacks uniform for 2016. However, that isn’t control for the future.

The only way this deal would have made sense is if the Diamondbacks could guarantee that Chapman would sign an extension to stay in Arizona.

Any sane person knows that there is no guarantee that he would. Even if he agreed to do it today, his mind could change, and the Dbacks would be screwed.

Chapman would demand at least $12 million dollars for a new contract once he hits the market, and he could ask for as much as $14 million. He is arguably the most domiant reliever in baseball and he is going to get paid.

I don’t think that the Diamondbacks would pay that much for a closer, especially if they plan on dipping into the starting pitching market.

So Chapman doesn’t fit either category.

If the Dbacks would have given in to the Reds, they would have dealt their starting second basemen of the future, a future no.1 or no.2 starter, and another top prospect for guy that probably will leave after next season.

The Dbacks want to contend long term. Chapman would help for a full season. Shipley and Drury have a chance to help this team for the next 10 years.

The Dbacks already have a closer! Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As Chip Hale said today, the Dbacks have already have a closer that is getting the job done, and no its not Addison Reed.

Brad Ziegler is under contract through next season, and he is getting the job done. He doesn’t throw as hard, but the subamarine reliever is one of the most consistent relievers in baseball, he gets ground balls and he saves games.

Ziegler has saved 17 games and has a 1.21 ERA in 44.2 innings pitched.

The Dbacks also have a lot of players that could be a closer currently in the farm system. The Dbacks didn’t have to get Chapman becuase this position was already solidified.

Yes they lead the majors in 17 saves, but most of that was becuase of Addison Reed who recently joined the team after being sent down to the minors.

Since Reed was removed from the closers role the pen is not the reason why the Dbacks are under .500:

  • The pen is 11th in the majors in xFIP, and 15th in reliever WAR.
  • Since the beginning of July, the Dbacks have the 2nd best bullpen ERA in all of the majors at 1.87 in 77 IP, while striking out 8.30 per 9 innings.

At the end of the day I am happy the Dbacks stood pat. It wasn’t worth acquring a one year rental for 2 of your best prospects.

Expect the Dbacks to be active during the Winter Meetings, becuase its clear this team believes its close, and with their young core, Dbacks fans should be excited about what is coming.