Arizona Diamondbacks – Hudson’s trade value drops


Elevated numbers from reliever Daniel Hudson of the Arizona Diamondbacks has diminished his trade value

LOS ANGELES – As further as the Arizona Diamondbacks fall into the abyss, the less their players have trade value.

Head of the list remains reliever Daniel Hudson, who is rumored in a package deal to one of several teams. After another impulsion Friday night in Dodger Stadium, Hudson did not endear himself to suitors.

Coming into the game with a four run lead in the seventh, Hudson gave a single, a two-run bomb to Joc Pederson and walked Scott Van Slyke. Then, manager Chip Hale came out with the hook, and Hudson, who’s ERA has skyrocketed in recent games to near seven runs per nine innings, took another hit.

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If teams where interested in Hudson at the All-Star break, their interest has clearly been tempered. As of last week, Hudson was rumored to the Mets, but his recent impulsions have quieted such movement.

Recovering from two Tommy John surgeries, Hudson compiled a strong comeback season a year ago, and led the Arizona Diamondbacks with 14 holds. Secured as the eighth inning pitcher and keeper of his role as set-up man, Hudson joined Tyler Clippard (the seventh inning reliever) and then-closer Brad Ziegler as the back end of Hale’s bullpen.

Now that Hudson, perhaps the most significant player the Arizona Diamondbacks are offering as a seller, has probably pitched himself out of favor. Still, there may be the possibility a contending team may take a chance. Given the Diamondbacks drought among starters, the asking price for Hudson is likely a starter. Teams in the pennant race are clearly reluctant to part with a starter who may provide a few key wins down the stretch, and Hale added, before Friday’s game with the Dodgers, “there are many names out there other teams are interested, including some in the minor leagues.”

Because the Arizona Diamondbacks are far removed from the National League West Division title race, and the team is currently depleted by injuries and marginal performances, the attraction of this team within the baseball trading circus appears limited at best.

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Another name circulating is infielder Jean Segura. While the veteran is hitting above .300 and maintained that average the entire season, his value to the Arizona Diamondbacks is now acute. That’s because shortstop Nick Ahmed is currently on the disabled list, and his spot in the lineup is taken by Chris Owings. Though a shortstop by trade, Segura will remain at second base, and likely scratched, because of the depth he provides, from a possible trade.