Arizona Diamondbacks: Roundtable – Best Games of the 2017 Season

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: Chris Herrmann
PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 04: Chris Herrmann /

After a 69-93 season in 2016, the Arizona Diamondbacks had 93 wins in 2017 and made it to the NLDS.

The Arizona Diamondbacks may have been eliminated by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday, but the 2017 has been one of the best rides.

From an Opening Day walkoff, to the thirteen-game winning streak, to the walkoff to close the season, the Diamondbacks were incredible to watch.

This isn’t the ending anyone wanted, but it gives everyone a lot of hope for the future of this team.

Among our Venom Strikes contributors, we discussed our favorite games of the season and why we chose them. Here they are, in order of when they came during the season.

Trisha Garcia

“This is our house!”

You all know the game I’m talking about.

I chose this one for a few reasons. First, Jake Lamb and Archie Bradley are a bromance for the ages and no matter what happens, teams better not split them up.

So, following Lamb’s second career grand slam and his second home run of the night, Bradley took the mound in relief.

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After facing three batters and ending the inning, he was visibly pumped and it sparked a fire under Diamondbacks fans for the rest of the season.

For me, it was a turning point in the second half of the season.

David Coffey

Without a doubt, my favorite game of the year was when J.D Martinez hit more home runs than the Dodgers had hits on September 4th.

As a lifelong Arizona native, I have had a lifelong hatred of all things California. So having a 13-0 win with four home runs go along with a pitcher that threw 14 strikeouts and only gave up three hits.

Everything was working for us that night and doing it to the Dodgers made it all the sweeter.

Chris Lacey

My favorite game of the season was the final home game against the San Francisco Giants on Sept. 27, 2017.

The game ended how the season started for the Diamondbacks, a walk off victory against the Giants.

This game highlighted how the Diamondbacks never give up, and they play hard for 27 outs.

The team has been fighting all year long, as most people didn’t expect they would make the postseason.

There has to be credit given to Torey Lovullo for his managing style and the impact he’s had on the club.

Joe Jacquez

The Wild Card game is my pick.

Why would I pick any other game? For one, I was there.

Second, it was the most entertaining game of baseball that I have seen in person or on television. I have never expended that much energy cheering on my favorite team playing my favorite sport.

Paul Goldschmidt’s 3-run home run in the first got me going, and how can you beat Archie Bradley 2-RBI TRIPLE!!!

Unreal. Unbelievable. I will never forget that night.

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So, there you have it everyone. I guess the NL West provides some of the best rivalries, because we all chose a divisional matchup.

The Arizona Diamondbacks might have been eliminated, but we have some incredible moments from the 2017 season that hopefully carry us over to the 2018 season.

Is it March 29 yet?

Let us know your favorite game of the season in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.