Venom Strikes is back to cover the Arizona Diamondbacks again!

David Peralta Welcomes Fans back to Venom Strikes, and Pavin Smith - Arizona Diamondbacks(Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
David Peralta Welcomes Fans back to Venom Strikes, and Pavin Smith - Arizona Diamondbacks(Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

We’re Back! Venom Strikes will be posting Daily about the

Arizona Diamondbacks from this day on!

For too long, FanSided has been missing a key part of their MLB coverage. In fact, it has been nearly three years. The wait is no longer as the Arizona Diamondbacks will once again be represented along the rest of FanSided’s  amazing websites.  We are committed to making Venom Strikes the #1 site on not just FanSided, but the best sport’s fan blog on the internet. I am beyond grateful, honored, and excited to get going and for this opportunity from FanSided.

I thought that the first post to relaunch the site should be a welcome back, an introduction of myself, the exciting plans for the future of Venom Strikes, and how happy it is to finally have the Arizona Diamondbacks being shared on FanSided.

Who am I?

I am the new Site Expert for the Arizona Diamondbacks at Venom Strikes, the FanSided site. My name is Jake Oliver, though I prefer being the Dark Lord of Baseball- DarthDbacks. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @DarthDbacks! I am also on Discord @DarthDbacks. Open to doing any AMA’s or podcast guest spots.

I thought I would give you all a brief bio on me and my history with the Arizona Diamondbacks/baseball. You could say that I was destined to fall in love with the Diamondbacks when my mother took me to one of the first games in their existence, 1998, while she was eight months pregnant with me. I grew up admiring Luis Gonzalez, then Eric Byrnes, and of course Paul Goldschmidt.  My mother tells me I was at the World Series in 2001, but I do not recall it. I wish I could though!

Yes, I am a native Phoenician (one of the few) and a die-hard fan of all the Arizona sports teams as well as the NFL and MLB. I played baseball for 14 years as a catcher/first baseman and have gone to at least one D-backs game every year of my life, 2020 notwithstanding. The Diamondbacks used to give me free tickets when I was a teen for how big of a fan I was of them. I wish they did that still for adults. If I could, I would go to every single game the Dbacks play, yes even this year.

Also, I am a Star Wars, Marvel, movies, history, hat collector and fantasy football nerd. I am a college student currently studying Sports Management and Sports Journalism. I work for two other sites, Dynasty Nerds and Fantasy Data. These are both fantasy football news sites in which I am a fantasy football writer.

What to expect from Venom Strikes?

I know this what you all are waiting for! What are the exciting plans for this site? Starting tomorrow, this site will be publishing daily stories, opinion pieces, and all things about the Arizona Diamondbacks! Tomorrow will be a preview of the upcoming Trade Deadline for the MLB.

We are seeking to deliver exceptional Arizona Diamondbacks posts every day to keep you informed on everything Arizona Diamondbacks. It has been my lifelong dream to be able to write about the best team in the MLB, the Diamondbacks, and I cannot wait to get started. I am eager to make this a welcoming and the best site for D-backs fans. I plan to run this site as a fan and for the fans. I am not looking to break the news, I am looking to explain the news.

Go D-backs! May the Force be with You…