New 2022 Arizona Diamondbacks Schedule out!

Arizona Diamondbacks (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
Arizona Diamondbacks (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

It’s August 4th, 2021, a seemingly unimportant day, so that means the 2022 Diamondbacks schedule is released!

Well Diamondbacks fans, you now have a new year and season to start looking forward to. Yes, this season has been rough. However, that doesn’t mean next year will be! Have the faith and hope that next year will be better. It will be from a pure player stand point. We will have more youth and rookie players that are going to be fighting to show they are a part of this team’s future.

The Arizona Diamondbacks schedule in it’s entirety can be found here. However, if you are looking for a quick summary, I’m happy to provide that!

Highlights of the Diamondbacks schedule

The Diamondbacks will be facing the AL Central next year as part of their inter-league schedule. If you didn’t know, the MLB rotates opposing divisions every year so as to give more variety to the schedule. The Dbacks play the AL West this year. Next year is the AL Central. In 2023, the Diamondbacks should play the AL East again. Arizona begin the season away against the Milwaukee Brewers on March 31st.

In April, popular opponents for the Diamondbacks are:

Altuve and the Astros, Pete the Polar Bear and the Mets, and Darvish and the Padres coming to Chase Field and

the Dbacks going to NYC to face the Mets, to DC to face the Nationals, and to visit Goldy in St. Louis.

In May, some of the opponents for the Dbacks are:

@Home: Jazz and the Marlins, The new Cubs, Whit Merrifield and the Royals, Acuna and the Braves, and the Doyers, sorry I mean the Dodgers.

Away: the Golden Cardinals, Jazz’in Marlins, Fresh Cubs, and the Hollywood Empire.

In June, the opponents for the Serpientes are:

@Home: Joey Votto Reds, the Boomstick Twins, Tatis-led Padres, and the mo’town Tigers.

Away: They face the Three-Rivers Pirates, Winker’ing Reds, Bryce and the Phillies, and Hakuna Machado and the Padres.

In July, some of opponents for the Dbacks are:

@Home: Buster’in Giants x2 and Han Soto and the Nats.

Away: The NL West brigade minus the Empire and the Atlanta Hawks, er I mean Braves.

In August, some of the opponents for the Dbacks are:

@Home: the Pirates, America’s First Baseman Goldy, and Harper’s Phillies.

Away: the New Guardians of the MLB, the New York Giants, whoops wrong sport, the San Fran Giants, Mile-high Rockies, BBQ in KC, and the South Side of Chi Town.

In September and yes, October, Some of the opponents for the Snakes are:

@Home: The Brew Crew, the Western Empire of LA, the Fathers in San Diego, and the Giants of Cali.

Away: The Space-town Astros, and the NL West Squadron, finishing the season in the Bay of Giants.

The Diamondbacks have a great schedule for next year.

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I’m beyond excited and I hope you are too! 2022 will be better than 2021. However, don’t stop supporting the Dbacks to a strong finish to 2021. Let’s start building for 2022 now!

As always,

May the Force be with You…