2 Diamondbacks prospects that are off to hot starts

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It’s no secret; the Diamondbacks have a farm system that is loaded with talent.  In fact, Arizona’s farm system is ranked 3rd in all of baseball.  The future is bright in Pheniox, and though the season is young, some of the talented youth have already begun to shine in 2023.

Unfrotantuely for these talented prospects, the major league roster is already full.  The Diamondbacks are currently 8-5 and besides the issue of walks (both from a hitting and pitching perspective), there really isn’t a weak link.  This is good news to everyone that is a part of the D-backs organization; except for the guys waiting for a call-up to the bigs.

There have been two prospects in particular that are on fire to start the 2023 season.  Both are shortstops.  Can you guess who they are?  Yep, you are right; Blaze Alexander and Jordan Lawlar.

Diamondbacks #10 ranked prospect Blaze Alexander is off to a hot start

I said it all off-season and I will say it again; Blaze Alexander is a dawg.  D-backs fans are going to fall in love with this kid when he makes it to the majors.  He is the guy on the field that you can’t help but notice.  He can do a little bit of everything.

So far this season, Alexander has been tearing it up at the dish in triple-A Reno.  Through 9 games and 24 at-bats, Blaze has 11 hits, 1 HR, 4 RBIs, 8 walks, and an OPS of 1.410.  He has also scored 6 times, recorded 3 doubles, and has an OBP of .618.  This kid can’t be stopped at the plate right now.

It is hard to say when Alexander will make his big league debut.  With the way Arizona is rolling right now, it might take an injury for Alexander to get the promotion this season.  It is likely that this is Nick Ahmed’s last season in a D-back uniform.  If that is the case, look for Alexander to take over the reins or back up Geraldo Perdomo in 2024.

Diamondbacks #1 ranked prospect Jordan Lawlar is off to a hot start

The moon is the limit for Jordan Lawlar.  Lawlar is ranked #1 in the D-backs farm system and #10 overall.  He can hit for contact and run with the best of them.  He also has a very high baseball IQ considering that he is only 20 years old.

So far this season, Lawlar has displayed his many tools in double-A Amarillo.  Through 6 games and 21 at-bats, Lawlar has 1 HR, 4 RBIs, 5 runs, and an OBP of .444.  He has also added 5 walks, and 3 stolen bases to his stuffed stat line.  It is early, but this is a good sign that Lawlar just continues to grow.

It is expected that Lawlar will make his major league debut next season.  Since he is only 20 years old, the Diamondbacks don’t want to rush his development, hence why he is in double-A to start 2023.