2023 Diamondbacks: Who’s hot and who’s not?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Miami Marlins
Arizona Diamondbacks v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Time to turn the page on a weekend that was mostly frustrating for the D-backs.  After losing 2 out of 3 against the scrappy Miami Marlins, Arizona will head northwest to take on the talented Red Birds of St Louis.  I hope the Diamondbacks players brought their long sleeves!  It might be a chilly 3 game road trip.

The Diamondbacks still sit atop the NL West with a 9-7 record.  For the Cardinals, they have yet to hit the ground running and are 4th in their division with a 7-9 record.  

Arizona is 20th in runs per game this season and the Cardinals are 21st.  Arizona is 16th in team ERA and the Cardinals are 17th.  It is safe to say that this series will be very evenly matched.

In the Diamondbacks 9 wins this season, there have been a couple of players that are doing their part and then some.  While others on the team are like the wagon that the mule has to pull.  Let’s take a look at who’s hot and who’s not.  Shall we?

Diamondbacks players that are hot 🔥

Josh Rojas has been a staple for this team in 2023.  Through 12 games and 45 at-bats, Rojas has recorded 16 hits, 6 RBIs, 8 runs, and 4 walks.  He is currently boasting an on-base percentage of .400.  There is no denying his production at the plate; it is safe to say that he has been the most consistent hitter on this young ball club.

Zac Gallen has dominated recently.  After a shaky start to the season, Gallen is 2-0 in his last two starts.  In those two games combined, Gallen pitched 13.2 innings, gave up no runs, walked 1 batter, and struck out 18.  Is that good?  I think that is good.  With the way Gallen is going, that elusive Cy Young award might be on a shelf in his house at the end of the 2023 season.

Diamondbacks players that are not hot 🥶

Christian Walker so far in 2023 is not looking like 2022 Christian Walker.  In 2022, Walker averaged hitting a home run every 16 at-bats and he also drove in 94 runs.  In 2023, Walker is hitting a home run every 28 at-bats and he has driven in 9 runs.  While Walker is putting the ball in play, he is not finding the holes in the defense.

Despite a slow start to the season (.569 OPS through 15 games), Walker is striking out in less than 17% of his at-bats which is a good sign that he is close to breaking out.  Along with all the Arizona hitters, Walker just needs to be more patient at the plate, and good things will come.

Madison Bumgarner has driven you crazy, hasn’t he?  I am right there with you.  In 3 starts this year, Bumgarner has pitched 13.2 innings.  In those 13.2 innings, he has given up 18 hits, 11 walks, and 13 runs.  A walks per 9 innings rate of 4.0 is considered awful; Bumgarner’s current walks per 9 innings rate is 7.24… wow.