3 players that could help save the Diamondbacks season

A minor solution to a major problem...
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I don’t think I need to spell it out for you.  Arizona is on the struggle bus right now.

Since the all-star break, the Diamondbacks have the worst record in baseball (5-18).  That’s a 22% winning percentage.  Yikes!

Sadly, it hasn’t just been one part of the machine, it’s been the whole thing.  In their last 23 games, Arizona is 28th in runs scored and dead last in team ERA.  Hard to win many games when nothing is clicking.

The Diamondbacks were buyers at the deadline, but unfortunately, it hasn’t paid off yet.  Thus, the only thing they can do is turn to their farm system.

Here are 3 players that could turn this once-exciting season around just in time to have a shot at the postseason.

Solution #1 for the Diamondbacks: Calling up SS Blaze Alexander

This guy is a rock star.  No other way around it.

He makes baseball fun; Blaze is the guy that could probably be good at anything he set his mind to.  Thankfully, he is in your favorite team's farm system.

Alexander is Arizona’s 8th-ranked prospect.  He was tearing it up in Reno before he was bitten by the injury bug in April.  That sidelined him for quite some time but when he came back, he was still good ol Blaze.

In 44 AAA games this season, Alexander is 43-149 (.289) with 17 extra-base hits and 33 RBIs.  He also boasts an OPS of .884.

He would not only be a great addition to this struggling lineup for his bat but also his cannon arm.  Alexander has one of the strongest arms of any Diamondbacks prospect.  He is a true two-way shortstop that will eventually be an MLB star.

The time is now for him to get his feet wet…

Solution #2 for the Diamondbacks: Calling up OF Jorge Barrosa

Another Reno staple having a solid season, Barrosa’s time in the minors might be over shortly.

In 85 AAA games this season, Barrosa has racked up 28 extra-base hits, 44 RBIs, and 60 runs.  He also gets on base a ton; To the tune of a .385 OBP.

Something impressive about Barrosa is that he has walked in 15% of his plate appearances and struck out in 15% of his plate appearances this season.  Those are excellent numbers at any level of baseball!

Barrosa has been really impressive at the plate this season but scouts emphasize that his best attribute is his fielding ability.  Barrosa can cover a lot of grass in the outfield and would greatly help this already elite defesne.

Solution #3 for the Diamondbacks: Calling up RP Tyler Ferguson

You'll have to bear with me on this one.

Ferguson is a 29-year-old relief pitcher that has never stepped foot on a major league field.  This season he is 1-1 with a 5.86 ERA and a 1.86 WHIP.  So you may be asking, “Why in the world should he be in the Diamondbacks bullpen?”

My answer is simple, he’s been really good as of late.

If you have watched the Diamondbacks at all this season you will know that their bullpen is shaky at best.  No consistency whatsoever.  That is why it’s time for Ferguson to get a shot.

After a horrid start to the season, he has settled down nicely.  Since June 28th, Ferguson has pitched 17 innings in relief.  In that time, he has given up 3 earned runs (1.59 ERA) and he has struck out 24 batters.

Maybe he can be the spark plug this bullpen needs…