Diamondbacks Rumors: Michael Conforto could jumpstart this offense

Michael Conforto is rumored to be a target for the Diamondbacks
Michael Conforto is rumored to be a target for the Diamondbacks / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The latest Arizona Diamondbacks Free agency rumors: Michael Conforto

Surprisingly, a major free agent has been tied to the Arizona Diamondbacks in free agency. That's right folks, perhaps former Mets Star OF Michael Conforto could sign with the Diamondbacks. Soon too. Despite coming off a 110-loss season, the Dbacks are looking for some major pop in their offense in order to compete this year. Couple that with the loss of Kole Calhoun and the potential trade of David Peralta and we have a need for a strong outfielder.

Conforto's a proven performer at the plate and in the field. He's hit 132 HRs over his 7 MLB seasons with 396 RBIs. He was an All-Star in 2017. So, how is this proven outfielder even in the realm of possibility for the club? Well, we do have roughly 25 million to spend before we hit the 105-110 million dollar level the team is looking to start the season at. Plus, Conforto is coming off a disappointing year for his standards.

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Last season, he hit .232/.344/.384 season over 479 plate appearances with the Mets. While playing in those 125 games, he did hit 20 doubles, 14 HRs, and 55 RBIs while getting 59 walks compared to only 104 K's. His OPS+ shows he was slightly an above-average hitter at 101, if only slightly. He had 1.3 Offensive War and 0.8 total WAR. Plus, he rejected the Mets' Qualifying offer which gives him baggage. If he signs too big a contract, a team will have to give up draft capital. In the case of the Dbacks, they would have to give up their 3rd-highest pick if they sign him to an over-50 million dollar deal.

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Perhaps then the free agent Conforto is seeking a 1-2 year deal to rebuild his value. After all, he is only 29 and could reach free agency at a still-prime age of 31. Either way, we should find out soon if Conforto is to be a future Diamondbacks' outfielder. Let me know in the comments if you think we should add a power-hitting lefty right fielder to the lineup? I know we need third base and pitching, but having another strong hitter might be a good thing. Especially since the NL just added the DH. The team must account for that new spot as well as make sure we have competent outfielders.