Amarillo Sod Poodles SS Jordan Lawlar
Amarillo Sod Poodles SS Jordan Lawlar / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

1. OF Druw Jones

MLB ETA: 2026
3 STRENGTHS: Fielding, arm strength, and plus speed
MLB COMPARISON: CF Julio Rodriguez, Seattle Mariners

Nobody is perfect don't get me wrong. But man, this Druw Jones kid seems to do everything right on a baseball field...

With the second pick in the 2022 MLB draft, the D-Backs selected Druw Jones; son of MLB legend Andruw Jones. With the ability Druw showcased in high school, it seems like he is on his way to following in the footsteps of his old man. It is hard to project a player coming out of high school as we will really see what Druw is made of when he hits college, rookie ball, and then the minors. Despite his young age, Druw has already shown he can truly be a 5-tool player and mimic the style of a player like J-Rod...

An outfield of Corbin Carroll, Druw Jones, Jake McCarthy, and Alek Thomas... wow, that'll be must-see TV...

2. SS Jordan Lawlar

Jordan Lawlar
SS Jordan Lawlar / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

MLB ETA: 2024
STRENGTHS: Ability to get on base and plus speed
MLB COMPARISON: SS Bobby Witt Jr., Kanas City Royals

I think Jordan Lawlar and Bobby Wiit Jr. might be the same person... Both are 6'2 200 pounds, both are right-handed hitters and throwers, both are great at getting on base with the ability to steal bags, the ability to turn singles into doubles, and doubles into triples. Oh yeah, not to mention that they were both born and raised in Texas...

Diamondbacks fans should be thrilled about Lawlar; he is a shortstop who can get on base at an elite level which is something they haven't seen in a while.  In 100 minor league games a season ago, Lawlar posted an impressive .401 OBP.  Let me compare that to the everyday shortstops for the Diamondbacks over the last 5 seasons…

2022: Geraldo Perdomo (.285 OBP over 148 games)

2021: Nick Ahmed (.280 OBP over 129 games)

2020: Nick Ahmed (.327 OBP over 57 games)

2019: Nick Ahmed (.316 OBP over 158 games)

2018: Nick Ahmed (.290 OBP over 153 games)

As you can see, Lawlar could be a significant addition to the lineup. If you ask me, he would nicely fill out the leadoff spot. Lawlar and Marte up the middle, the Diamondbacks future is beaming like the hot Arizona sun...

3. SP Brandon Pfaadt

Brandon Pfaadt
Brandon Pfaadt / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

MLB ETA: 2023
STRENGTHS: Fastball and changeup
MLB COMPARISON: SP Mitch Keller, Pittsburgh Pirates

In 29 starts last season (19 in AA, 10 in AAA), Pfaadt was one word; reliable. In those 29 starts, he only gave up more than 4 runs on 5 occasions. It was common that Pfaadt would go out there, pitch 5 to 6 innings, and always be able to keep his team in the game. Any pitching coach will tell you, that is all you can ask for from your starters...

Pfaadt ended up finishing the season with an 11-7 record, a 3.83 ERA, and he struck out batters at a 1.30 K/IP rate. With those numbers, Pfaadt certainly made a case that he belongs in the big leagues. If Pfaadt has a strong spring training, don't be surprised if you see him running out of the dugout on opening day...

Don't feel bad if you had to google how to say his last name, we are all in the same boat with that one...